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How to add icons for your website with Font Awesome

Hello everyone again!!!

Like the title, today I will show you how to add beautiful and simple icons using Font Awesome.

1.Create an account

If you are new to Font Awesome, you need to create an account first, you will have a code kit after creating account, which is an imperative thing if you want to add icons using Font Awesome.

Here's how:

First, go to fontawesome.com

Then, click on Start for Free

In here, everything is simple, enter your email(mostly you Gmail account), then it will send you a mail to help you confirm your email and create an account, go to Gmail using your account and receive it.

After done at creating a Font Awesome account, you will receive your code kit, which is a HTML code, copy and paste it in the <head> tag on the HTML file. Now, it's time for part 2, add
an icon.

2.Add an icon

First, go to fontawesome.com again.

Then, click on Icons

After that, you will see a big search bar, type your icon name you want. In my case is Home

Next, choose an icon that you like and click on Start Using This Icon

Finally you will receive a HTML code, copy it and paste it into the <body> tag in your HTML file.

And then.... Done! You have just add an icon for your HTML file using Font Awesome. :)

Pls upvote so I can do more like this.

See ya! ;)


nice thx!