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How to add and join a team
zh24eric (43)

In order to add a team, got to the Teams option. (it is in the bottom of the list if options)

click the square with a plus sign.

hit the choice: free

name your team.

upload a team profile:

don't add any members now.
hit done.
your team is created!
now go to add next to the members. you can add members here!

you now can explore and type and do many thing together!

hakkas (0)

Is it possible to copy/fork an team? Reason: we don't want to copy over all assignments :)

PradyumnMittal (0)

how to add a team post

JosephSanthosh (1171)

Isn't this like common sense? Good Job btw!

zh24eric (43)

you can have multiple teams!

zh24eric (43)

you can ask in the feed for anyone to join
people can comment and say they want to.
then you invite them.