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How to Use repl.it/~/cli

Using Repl.it cli

First, you need to go to repl.it/~/cli
Now, first you have your account commands. You start by typing account
Now you will have two options view-warns and languages
View-warns will show any warnings you have received. Languages will open up your language preferences so you can reset what languages you display as your three main languages.
Next you have trash
After typing trash you will have the options for view and restore
View views you deleted repl’s, and restore restores them.
After commands such as restore, you need to use --title and then the name of your repl you want to restore.
The team commands if for editing you teams. From the team command you can do a lot of things.

View gives you the option to view your team members. You will need to use --team and then the name of your team.
Add is for adding members to your team.
Remove is for removing members, you can even remove yourself.
Transfer-repl is for transferring a repl from a team or to a team
Jam is a new command, it is what you can use to register your team for the language jam.
And finally you have clear, which clears the screen of the commands you have made.


Here you go:


Ahh, cool @CodeLongAndPros


@BrownieBoi It's a tree of all commands+subcommands.


Why haven't they publicised this, many people don't know about this and many people can find this very useful. @CodeLongAndPros