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How to Use Repl Talk API/GraphQL [NODEJS]

How to Use Repl.it's GraphQL/API

A NodeJS Tutorial

G'day fellow Repler's, today you will be learning how to use Repl.it's GraphQL! This easy to use API will grant you access to a whole lot of information and can make your projects super unique!

Background Information

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API, gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more, makes it easier to evolve APIs over time, and enables powerful developer tools.

~ GraphQL Website

wtf does that mean?

~ tsunami21

Put simply you can query (sending a fetch request) a site's GraphQL and recieve information based on data you give!
In the context of Repl.it, one thing you can do is send a request to get user data, and then with the information you recieve, you can choose what you need for your project (such as the user's profile picture, or their cycles).

What Language Should I Use?

In this tutorial I will teach you how to use GraphQL with NodeJS, but I will release a Python tutorial shortly! NodeJS is a Javascript runtime environment typically used for backend development. We will use the 'node-fetch' module to make requests to the GraphQL.

Step #1: Create a Repl.

You can either use this template and skip to Step #3 or go ahead and create a new NodeJS Repl project and follow Step #2.

Step #2: Write Some Code.

If you are making a new project, start by requiring the necessary dependecies:

Afterwards, create a new variable called headers. This is where we will store our request headers, which give the GraphQL important information to function.

Now let's get into the real fun! Let's create an async function to query GraphQL and log that data.
Start by creating the function:

We want the function to accept a username parameter:

Now, we create a request to https://repl.it/graphql! We want to store the information from the request in a variable so that we can call the data later.

We want to keep the information in a neat format, so let's format it into JSON once we recieve it.

Last but not least, let's log the data that we get:

Awesome! Give yourself a pat on the back because you just created a neat little program that will query GraphQL. To use it, simply call getData('username') at the end of the program. But why stop there?

Step 3: Use The Code.

Let's write a basic program using what we have to search up user's information!

Using what we created, lets add some dependecies:

Now we are ready! Start by creating a new function to get user input:

Setup a readline question:

Now let's go to our getData function and make it the output look good:

Tada, now change the getData('username') function that you called at the end of the program to be main() and you have completed your first project with GraphQL! Try searching a user's name and get their GraphQL info!

This tutorial (hopefully) taught you several of basics when using Repl.it's GraphQL, and there are much more advanced concepts, such as the amount of upvotes a post has all the way to displaying the hot posts in a board. Let me know below if you are interested in learning any! Good luck, and for everyone who uses Python a tutorial is coming for you too!

The Authors

Main Author: Rayhan ~ @RayhanADev
Emotional Support: Tsunami ~ @tsunami21

Link to Repl.it's GraphQL Playground: https://repl.it/graphql

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!




This is more of "how to use fetch" than "how to create graphql queries and send them to the server."


@programmeruser okayokay someone already made the joke. I also don’t think I can say every single GQL query (even though I found them all today :DD).


@RayhanADev you could learn how to do anything with repl.it's graphql api by using the network panel in devtools...


@programmeruser wdym?
also I have all the queries xD


@RayhanADev don't mind this, just inspecting network...


@RayhanADev I figured out how to make comments with graphql.




@adsarebbbad yep. The Repl Devs seem to have a limitless sense of humor xD.


Can I try making this repl with HTML, CSS, and JS?

Cool tutorial too!


@EpicGamer007 thank you! It is possible if you use the fetch() method. I can make a tutorial for HTML CSS and JS after Python if you would like?


@RayhanADev huh wut do u mean? i was thinking of creating a node repl then using requests to display the info on the screen.


@EpicGamer007 ohhhhhh, I thought you meant on BrowserJS, yeah you can do it like that with client-server communication (Sockets works ig?) I like using GET and POST, but you can use socket.io!


@RayhanADev i wanna try using get and post, seems much safer


@EpicGamer007 awesome!


@RayhanADev you can't use socket.io to make HTTP requests.


@programmeruser not to make requests to communicate between client and server ;P.


@elipie Tutorial Jam Submission!


Nice and sweet tutorial to teach everyone about Repl Talk’s GraphQL API! Enjoy!