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How to Python Console Animate (by python console animator)

Note that the following spelling is purposefully atrocious

Ello, maets, and welkome to a python konsole animation tuutoreel.

For animashinz, it's reely al aebowt partz. You need to think about how your animation is worcing and breac it down. I rekomend that you make a funkshin for each part and document it. The reason being so that others can use your code (because I assume that's y u shared it :)).

For example, in my text animation I broke it down into 6 parts:

  • The vertical
  • the wipe
  • meeting together of the two parts which are on opposite sides (I'm graet at naeming)
  • the deletion of parts
  • the reconstruction
  • the puncuation bounce
  • the final wipe

So, I made a function for each one, whihc makes it easy to spot test each function and see whether it worcs.

I also recommend that you find inspiration for it by your sorroundings and to know when something may be too hard for you (ask for help :D).

The best way tu du this is to think of python's capabilities and see whether somethign is achievable.

One of the MOST important apartz is tu make it so that it can be used by otherz, make it so YOU can use it again, don't hardcode it so the animation only works for a word of a certain length, or something, but make it fun. Peopel lyeke ingenuuitee and if you make something applicable, it's better! :).

A final word of advice, you should definitely look at HTML, CSS, and JS animations for inspiration. This is a good way to test your understanding of multiple languages and your ability to grasp things and code them in another language that doens't have the built ins.

Remember that anything is possible :D! and that in HTML, CSS, and JS they basically do teh same thing as grid operations, only with direct access to pixels, and that someone had to come up with how to code the built ins for anyone ot use them!

plz updoot iff u lyeked mie speling.


I think there's more markdown than spelling mistakes o-o