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How do you add any module to python here
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Kind of extremely new, just wanted to know, I'm trying to add a simple plot module I've seen on my classes of python just to keep myself familiarized or is there any better one I should obtain. and how will I add them

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If you want to install Python modules from pip, you can do the following, note that you need to be on desktop to do this:

  • On the left bar of your Repl, click on Packages option.
  • Then you will have a search bar, search the package that you want through it
  • When you done searching, click on the package, and finally click on the + button
  • Make sure to check out if the package has installed or not. If you see the button + changes to -, then it is finished and you can start using the module, otherwise, you need to reinstall it.
    Another option is to install it though the shell:
  • On your Repl, at the right, where there is the Console option at the top of output, you will see another one, called Shell, click on that option.
  • Then, on the shell, type the following command and press Enter after you done:
pip install <module>

Make sure to replace the <module> with the module you want to install, and replace pip with pip3 in cases you want to install the package on Python 3.

  • Finally, when the installation is done, you can go back to Console and started using the module you installed.
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@Wumi4, thanks for the save lmao.