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coding1001 (14)

How To Use SASS/SCSS In repl.it

I have seen many people trying to use sass and scss in repl.it. well here is how!


1. go to https://github.com/sass/dart-sass/releases and download dart-sass-1.32.8-linux-ia32.tar.gz

2. upload it to your REPL

3. in the shell type tar xvzf dart-sass1.32.8-linux-ia32.tar.gz

4. type export PATH=“./dart-sass:$PATH”

5. now you can use sass with the sass command!

For Example use sass style.scss style.css to compile style.scss into style.css

Or copy my bash script and use bash install.sh

#NOTE: if you are using a nodejs REPL use bash installnode.sh after you copy my file into your REPL (installnode.sh)

Have Fun Using Sass!

haroldao (1)

doesn't work ...

coding1001 (14)

@haroldao this only works in an html REPL. otherwise, you will get an error

coding1001 (14)

@FelixF809 export PATH=“./dart-sass:$PATH” will not last forever. you can use ./dart-sass/sass to also use sass

coding1001 (14)

@haroldao i added what do do for nodejs

coreykeser (0)

What exactly do you mean by use the "sass command"

coding1001 (14)

@coreykeser the sass bash command. Just type sass in the terminal


@coding1001 i recommend you edit the tutorial so it has the newest version


wow! this helped a lot

coding1001 (14)

@snekattack your welcome, what are you planning to do in sass?


@coding1001 i want to make my own css framework, think im gonna name it architect

coding1001 (14)

@snekattack why do you need sass to do that? will you use it to make it easier to create architect?


@coding1001 sass has features that help save time and there is other stuff that makes it useful too