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How To Browse Privately! [+ tips and tricks]
Th3Coder (136)

Well, hello there!

Before we start, here's the table of contents! (Credit to IntellectualGuy's Big Python Tutorial table of contents)

  • Table Of Contents (yes, really)
  • Introduction
    • What are cookies?
    • Advertising cookies
  • Private Browsing
    • Alternatives to Google Chrome
    • Blocking cookies
  • Extras
    • Should we use AdBlock?
    • Should we use DuckDuckGo?
    • Clearing cookie data
    • Blocking JavaScript
    • Inspecting websites
  • Recap (skip here if you want to read less)
  • Notes
  • Ending


What is a cookie?

Simply said (Kurzgesagt reference), a cookie is a piece of information that websites can put to our devices.

Here's an example!

  • You are logged in to Replit. (or are you?)
  • When you login to Replit, Replit puts some cookies to your device.
    • The cookies might contain information about your account and other things
  • Even when you shut down your device, the cookies are still there.
  • When you open Replit again, Replit sees the cookie in your device and automatically signs you in! You don't need to login anymore!

From the previous example, we can see that cookies are VERY useful to websites we are logged in to!

That being said, some cookies can travel from websites to websites, following us around.

These global cookies include...

Advertising cookies

Remember that same ad that just creeps you around the websites you visit?

That's called retargeting.

Basically, whatever we search in Google (and YouTube) will be collected to show relevant ads. Google has lots of advertising platforms - AdSense, AdWords, AdMob, AdChoices, and even Doubleclick! That's because Google gets most of their revenue from advertising.

Of course, website owners get money if we click an ad in their websites. (based on my research, website owners get 60% of ad revenue while Google gets 40%)

  • To get money, website owners must display ads.
  • To display ads, website owners must include Google cookies.

See the pattern here? Yep, Google cookies are (nearly) EVERYWHERE.

Google pretty much knows what websites we visit, where we are right now, etc.

Quite literally, Google is watching us.


Ehm, cue intense music.


Where's the music guy?


No, no, not that one...


Fine, whatever. Anyways, onto the next chapter!

Private Browsing

Alternatives to Google Chrome

As I said earlier, Google gets tons of revenue from advertising.

Google Chrome is owned by (you won't guess it) GOOGLE!

Thus, Google Chrome allows all cookies by default. You can turn it off in the Settings > Cookies and other site data, but I don't really recommend this. Why?

  1. We will be signed out from Replit and other websites we have accounts at. To make things worse, we can't login again!

  2. Google products won't work well. We will be signed out from Google Chrome and other Google products we use!

  3. That doesn't stop Google from tracking us. Google Chrome sends data about whatever sites we visit to Google. It's still not private! (This is true according to the many sources I visit and logic. If Google Chrome lets everyone track you, of course they'll also let Google track you!)

(I am aware there are several settings in Google that can turn off tracking, but I seriously doubt that.)

The only way to stop Google from tracking us is to use another browser. (But Google Chrome can still be used for Google products, even though I don't recommend using them)!

What browsers?

A lot. There are:

  • Firefox
  • Safari (but according to my research, several sources say Safari doesn't care about our privacy!)
  • Brave
  • Tor (thanks @BrockTempler for reminding me!)
  • Microsoft Edge (thanks @Whippingdot for telling me!)
  • Ungoogled Chromium (thanks @xxpertHacker and @smodnix for reminding me!)
  • and more!

You can pick whichever browser you like, but remember each comes with its pros and cons. Here's the pros and cons of each browser! (By the way, the website is owned by Mozilla so it recommends Firefox! If you think Firefox isn't your favorite, then pick another one!)


Also, watch this (in my opinion) hillarious video to learn more!


Those browsers obviously don't belong to Google and they won't give the data to Google. However, Google can still track us using cookies!

Time to block them.

Blocking Cookies

Obviously, we can just go to the settings tab in the browser, then block all cookies. This way we can browse truly privately!

Also, blocking cookies literally make your internet browsing much faster. Great!

However, we can't use our website accounts and Google products in that browser. For that, we can just use Google Chrome!

Congratulations, we can browse privately now! 🥳🥳🥳

As a bonus, I will give you more tips and tricks.


Should we use AdBlock?

AdBlock is used by millions of people worldwide! So, should we use it?

Actually, no.


  1. AdBlock's current owner is unknown. We don't know who owns it (and I personally don't really trust them)
  2. Several websites force us to disable AdBlock.
  3. From my research, YouTube has bypassed AdBlock. We'll probably still see ads! As @OatMilk has pointed, there is a separate AdBlock for YouTube. However, it still doesn't stop Google (which owns YouTube) from tracking us!

Also, you probably won't see ads if you block all cookies.

Should we use DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn't track us!

I'll explain in the following table!

TrackingLots of cookiesNo cookies
ResultsBiased resultsUnbiased results
ContentHas graphs, diagrams etcNo graphs, no diagrams
Loading SpeedSlowerFaster
Image URLNoYes
Image SearchYesNo

DuckDuckGo has a feature called BANGS!

Simply, we just need to type an exclamation mark !, then tons of shortcuts will appear. !w, for instance, is for Wikipedia. Searching !w replit will bring us to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replit

Yes, Replit also has its own bangs! Use !repl and type a language to create a new repl with that language (kinda unnecessary, but actually kinda cool!) Type !repl c for a new C repl!

However, some inappropriate results may appear in DuckDuckGo. That's why we should set SafeSearch to strict! Searching in safe.duckduckgo.com sets SafeSearch to strict by default!

Also, the Tor browser uses DuckDuckGo as its default search engine!

Should we use DuckDuckGo? Yes, yes we should.

Clearing cookie data

Since we have blocked cookies in our other browser, we don't need to clear cookie data there.

But we can actually clear cookie data in Google Chrome!

Go to chrome://settings/siteData (or Settings > Cookies and other site data > See all cookies and site data). There, we can clear selected site data! But don't clear Replit's site data (or we'll be signed out!)

Blocking JavaScript

When browsing in our private browser, some arrogant websites (such as wired.com and globalnews.ca) refuse to give us access since we block their cookies! How do we fix this?

Go to the settings, then block JavaScript. This way most websites will still give you access even with blocking their cookies!

When going to another website, however, turn JavaScript back on. This is so that other websites don't misfunction!

Inspecting websites

The internet is full of scams. If we can get money by a survey or see a random website with a weird URL pop up, 99% of the time it's a scam (or even virus!)

Also, there's the 'CLICK ALLOW TO VERIFY YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT' scam. If we click allow (hence allowing them to send notifications), they will use the notifications to scare people into doing something! (Thanks @caaaab for telling me!)

There are scam products as well!

So, how do we identify the scams?

Learn HTML, CSS, and most importantly JavaScript! This way, you will know whether everything is real.

But of course, we also need to see the website source files.

Firstly, search how to inspect websites in your chosen browser. You can use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Ungoogled Chromium etc! Find a tutorial.

Then, follow the steps in the tutorial. You will see a large window appear on the side of the website!

Anyways, you can see the console, source files etc in that website. Read the code. If you think it's fake, then you can be sure it's a scam. Be a detective! 😎

By the way, go to your chosen browser settings and enable HTTPS-Only Mode. This is because URLs that start with https:// are more secure than http://! Thanks @CodeLongAndPros for reminding me!


Cookies are bits of information that websites can put to our devices. Websites can see what information the cookies contain.

Google's main source of revenue is advertising. Thus, Google tracks us across the web to see what websites we visit and give us relevant ads based on the data collected.

In other words, Google is watching us.

To stop that, we must use another browser like Firefox, Safari, Brave, Tor, Ungoogled Chromium (which is not the same as Chromium), or Microsoft Edge and disable cookies for private browsing.

Some websites like wired.com and globalnews.ca won't give us access if we block their cookies. To get access, block JavaScript but turn it on again when visiting another website.

Use Google Chrome for websites where you have an account and Google products.

Using AdBlock is risky since the owner is unknown and websites have found ways to stop users from using AdBlock. There is a separate AdBlock for YouTube but it doesn't stop Google from tracking us.

Using DuckDuckGo (a search engine that doesn't track you) doesn't matter when in Google Chrome since Google Chrome sends data to Google.

Using DuckDuckGo to search in another browser is a good idea since the results are unbiased, it loads faster, and there is the bang feature. However, strict SafeSearch must be used to hide inaproppriate results. This can be done by visiting safe.duckduckgo.com. DuckDuckGo also has a browser for mobile that can only block a fraction of the cookies. Other search engines such as Searx can be used as an alternative.

In your chosen browser, search a tutorial to inspect websites. Then, follow the tutorial to view the source files, console etc of any website and figure out whether the website is legitimate or not. We need to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for that.

Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in your chosen browser since URLs starting with https:// are more secure than those starting with http://.


  • Tor is risky to use since we can access THE DARK WEB using Tor.

  • Ungoogled Chromium is not the same as Chromium, so beware. Chromium possibly tracks us!

  • I downloaded Tor in mobile. It randomizes my location to several countries (so far all the countries are in Europe!) Also, it doesn't block cookies but deletes cookie data after exiting the browser.

  • DuckDuckGo has a browser for mobile! It can only block a fraction of the cookies though (I tested it in one of my repls). I recommend you to use other browsers instead!

  • Alternatively, you can use other search engines like Searx.

  • Ecosia won't give you access if you block cookies, so don't use it!

  • AdBlock Plus is different and I believe more trustworthy than AdBlock!

  • Searx's most used instance used to be searx.ir, then searx.un, then searx.ca! (I think that's so Google can't continually block it from its results!) I'll try to update this tutorial every time it changes links!

  • I have no idea why there are so many Searx instances! To be sure, I recommend you to just use DuckDuckGo!

  • Also, incognito mode in Google Chrome doesn't stop Google and websites from tracking us! Moral of the story: DON'T USE GOOGLE CHROME.


Thanks for reading! (I mean, it's okay if you skipped some parts since this is REALLY long)

If you have any suggestions or corrections, feel free to tell me!

Also, sorry I don't have the list of sources I used...

Now, let's test your eyesight!

C̸̫͈̻̹̿̈́ͅă̷̞̝̻̈̋̒̈́͠n̴̛̘͓͉͆͜ ̸̹̹͔͆̔̆̄̿̐͜ͅy̷̨̡̲͉̯̣̝͌̓̈́ǫ̶̝̹̇́̓͠u̸̝̪͉͇̺͚̹͌̃̎͆̌͗̏͘͠ ̷̗̺͍͙̋̀͗ȑ̵͉̦͗̋̒͊́͝͝e̷̢̻̝̪̔̈́̈́̂̒̂̚̕͝ā̴̙̱̺͕͂́͜ḏ̸̢͍͓̲̰̮͒̈͊̚͜ ̷̧͚͈̫̳̱̄̾͛̏̈̕͝͝ͅť̸̟̘̈́͛́́̊̉̓̚̚h̷̪̗̲̯̫̱͚̩̩̽̉̀̀̑̒̽̎i̶̡̯̼͂̊̏̌s̸̠̏̽̆̆̂?̸̟̘̖̻̞̼͈̃͒͆͐̚

And remember to stay cautious. Don't download anything if you don't think it's legitimate!

Edit: Check out this channel called The Hated One (yes, really) in YouTube. He makes great videos about internet tips and tricks! Here's the link to his channel:


Also, please note that Google and other companies track you in many other different ways. Oh, and THEY'RE NOT JUST ABOUT BROWSING! He also provides ways to prevent being tracked! You can also research yourself :)

Another note: If you see an ad that offers free services, know they get money from something else... most probably by selling your data! I suggest you to not use advertised free services like Honey.

If possible, tell this to people you know (if you haven't already) so they can browse without being tracked as well! (Also, keep in mind I am not forcing you to do this. But, if possible, share this!)

Bye and thanks again!


SirBilby (10)

This is great! I learned a lot! I never knew that Google owned Google Chrome!

But seriously, this is really great!

Th3Coder (136)

@SirBilby thanks!

Wait, wait, wait... Google owns Google Chrome??? Where did you hear that? Don't listen to the person who told you that totally fake information!

SirBilby (10)

@Th3Coder I won't! Anyway, everyone knows Google Chrome is owned by Microsoft!

Th3Coder (136)

@SirBilby and Microsoft Teams is owned by Google!

SirBilby (10)

@Th3Coder Yup! Got it in one 😂

16AKucendajevs (1)

I'd say Brave Browser is great as it has a built-in AdBlocker and able to block trackers which is great and I been using it for nearly a year now.

I think your post is fantastic, explains a lot of important points and how to's which should help others.

Th3Coder (136)

@16AKucendajevs thanks! Also, Brave is the one browser I haven't tried yet. Thanks again, I appreciate the information! :)

Th3Coder (136)

Hello everyone, I would like you (yes, YOU) to know that Google has not-so-recently launched a program to track users called Federated Learning of Cohorts (or FLoC for short).

According to the sources I have read (see sources down below), FLoC is basically Google's attempt to replace third-party cookies and keep your data for themselves!

In order to keep this post short, you can see the sources here:

Also, I still use some Google services on Google Chrome, yet I have not been informed of this change. Google is automating the FLoC program instead of letting us choose! Thankfully though, pretty much nobody else supports FLoC.

P.S. I got this information by searching news in DuckDuckGo.

...and thanks again for reading! Have a good day!

smodnix (1)

i'm using ungoogled chromium and searx for search engine. what do you think about it?

Th3Coder (136)

@smodnix hey, that's really cool! Upon seeing your comment, I went to Chromium and turned off the cookies. I conducted a Google search and no cookies were stored! I really like it, even more than Firefox (since Firefox allows Mozilla to track us)!

As for Searx, I actually recommend DuckDuckGo because of the BANGS! and faster loading.

Anyways, I'll add Chromium to the post. Thanks!

smodnix (1)

@Th3Coder, good to hear that.
I'm also in favor of using privacy-respecting search engine like duckduckgo but its indexing still is not better. that is why i am using searx to fetch more search engines' results in one time moreover without direct contacting by search engines.

Th3Coder (136)

@smodnix I didn't know about that! Thanks, I'll look it up!

Oh, and by the way, Google is trying to stop users from using Searx!

Yup, the real Searx website is NOT in the results. However, with DuckDuckGo (whose results are unbiased)...

It's the very first result! This is basically proof that Google is trying DESPERATELY to keep everyone (including us) using only Google products.

Really, if not for the fact that my school uses Google Classroom, I would've quit Google pretty much ENTIRELY except for GMail.

Still though, I like Searx! Thanks again for telling me!

mollthecoder (34)

@Th3Coder What do you mean? Searx is in google's results.

Th3Coder (136)

@mollthecoder by that I mean the first Google result is, well, the fake Searx (searx.me). The real one is searx.ir!

mollthecoder (34)

@Th3Coder searx.me has a link to searx.ir but also other results. It's a google optimization.

Th3Coder (136)

@mollthecoder oh really? Thanks for the information! But it's still biased nonetheless...

CodeLongAndPros (1631)

You forgot UBlock Origin, HTTPS everywhere and the Privacy Badger

Th3Coder (136)

@CodeLongAndPros thanks! I know HTTPS-Only Mode is more secure but I haven't really done any research about UBlock Origin and Privacy Badger... I'll add them when I have researched, thanks!

caaaab (1)

I've had some experience with the sites that make you click 'allow' to continue. The ones I've encountered just sit in the background and just give you notifications in the bottom right of your screen like an email or YouTube notification and tell you things that may scare the user into doing something. It's more of phishing than malware and is easily removable by going into your browser settings and removing the site from your allowed notifications. Otherwise, great tutorial!

Th3Coder (136)

@caaaab wow, it's cool to hear someone actually experiencing the real thing! Also thanks, I'll add it to the post!

Edit: it's added!

Whippingdot (678)

Bruh add MSEdge to the option of browsers. I use it and it is POG and has WAY more features than Chrome.

P.S. The bang feature looks pretty cool, but I am probs not gonna use duckduckgo cause it has less features than edge.

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot okay, thanks! I'll add it after I research!

But I am probs not gonna use duckduckgo cause it ha less features than edge.

Microsoft's search engine is called Bing (which stores cookies) so DuckDuckGo is better imo.

Also, I said Safari, Brave, etc so you can use other browsers too!

Whippingdot (678)

O by browser I thought you meant a web browser - meaning an app. i didn't know you meant the search engine. I will try out duckduckgo as the search engine for sure. @Th3Coder

Whippingdot (678)

Also Microsoft's web browser is called Edge @Th3Coder

Try out Edge as a web browser. It POG

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot ohh... that clears it up. I also made a typo, so sorry!

And thanks! It's added to the post!

Whippingdot (678)

Hey, another thing, I saw that you said you to go to Google Chrome and press f12 or whatever. You can also do that in Edge cause it is chromium based. The whole post basically says to not use Chrome so you can add 'or Edge' everywhere you write that you need Chrome for the F12 inspect. @Th3Coder

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot right! I'll add that as well. Thanks again!

Whippingdot (678)

lul sorry for asking you to add soo many things. Thanks for adding them. Also I have seen you active on replit recently, meaning you joined like a month ago right? Anyway we can create a project together soon if you want to. @Th3Coder

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot oh sure! What project do you want to make?

Also, I joined 3 months ago but became active around last month!

Whippingdot (678)

i don't know yet...we can decide later maybe. @Th3Coder

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot okay! Should I add you to a team?

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot I already invited you! I hope you like the name (ProjectBeta) since ProjectAlpha is taken XD

mollthecoder (34)

@Whippingdot Microsoft conducts ad tracking similar to google's.

Whippingdot (678)

na im pretty sure the edge browser doesn't track you. Bing does, I admit that, but Edge doesn't. Microsoft barely tracks you. @mollthecoder

Th3Coder (136)

@mollthecoder I'm pretty sure you can change it in the Settings and block all cookies though!

mollthecoder (34)

@Th3Coder Blocking cookies does nothing to bing. Bing's tracking is server-based.

Th3Coder (136)

@mollthecoder in that case you can change the search engine...

Whippingdot (678)

ya I changed the search engine because of this post, I promise. The main reason is because of dark mode, bing doesn't have that... Also the automatic search in stackoverflow when asking a coding question is really helpful too @Th3Coder

Th3Coder (136)

@Whippingdot ohh right! Imo Bing is basically DuckDuckGo that tracks you, also dark mode isn't in Bing? Really?

Whippingdot (678)

yup it doesn't have dark mode @Th3Coder

xxpertHacker (931)

Regarding virus download, sites can't do much without user permission+interaction, so when you are asked to down load an anti-virus program, more often than not, the button is going to download a virus ;)

Also, you can block JS on a site-by-site basis, I recommend this over en-masse blocking JS.

Th3Coder (136)

@xxpertHacker yup! That's the case about the CLICK ALLOW TO VERIFY YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT scam!

Well, in Google Chrome we can block JS per site, but I'm not very sure we can in Firefox and Safari (I don't even have Safari!)

Well, I'll check it out later. Thanks!

xxpertHacker (931)

@Th3Coder Oh, and btw, you may be interested in looking into the Chromium-browser itself, as opposed to Google Chrome. It's not branded by or tied to Google nearly as much.

Th3Coder (136)

@xxpertHacker right, I've heard about that browser! I have never used it though...

Well, I will later!

I'll research about it and maybe even add it and credit you, thanks!

Th3Coder (136)

@xxpertHacker I found this article that tells us how to block JavaScript in Firefox! We can't block individual websites though...

EpicGamer007 (1751)

Wow, very pog tutorial. I would use duckduckgo however the auto-answer is very important to me and I feel that google and bing just look better.

Th3Coder (136)

@EpicGamer007 thanks! Yep, I also like the Auto-answer feature (but use DuckDuckGo in my device!)

xxpertHacker (931)

@Th3Coder Umm, I exclusively use DDG, it has auto answer.

Th3Coder (136)

@xxpertHacker what I mean by auto-answer is when the answer appears when we type something! If we type how long do cats live in Google, we'll get the answer immediately! But we don't in DDG...

But yes, once we see the results there could be auto-answer! If we search DuckDuckGo in DDG and Google, the answer will automatically appear in the right side of the screen.

FrancisPan (43)

You forgot Ecosia. Also, for bing, you left out the side menu thingy

mollthecoder (34)

The !repl duckduckgo bang doesn't work anymore.

Th3Coder (136)

@mollthecoder really? Let me check...

It does! Try typing !repl c instead of !repl python since Python's name in Replit is Python3 (I think)!


I learnt many new things about the browser today which i didnt knew about before :P such as how adBlock is risky and some new names of the browsers which i didn't ever heard before. And the ending quiz answer is - "Can you read this?" (I'm smart(not really..lol))And Sorry i didn't read whole as it was lengthy.

Th3Coder (136)

@TANMAYBAGADIA glad to know this helped! Also, you can read just the recap since it's shorter! Btw you have good eyesight

codeitfast (58)

Cool! By the way, I think ecosia also doesn't track you. Can you add that to the list?

Th3Coder (136)

@codeitfast I've never heard of that yet, thanks! Also after visiting the website, Ecosia is a search engine and not a browser. I'll add it though, thanks!

Th3Coder (136)

@codeitfast hey, Ecosia actually doesn't give access if we block cookies! So I had to remove it from the post...

pipahaha (0)

Your article is very detailed and easy to understand, This is a must for readers who need advanced knowledge like me, thanks! [link removed by moderator]

DynamicSquid (5022)

Hey @pipahaha, please don't post irrelevant external links, as we have no idea what they do if they're not related to the topic matter. Let me know if you have any questions

BrockTempler (0)

use tor my G very encrypted protected smh even the government can't track you without doing a lot of work and if you have a VPN on while on tor its impossible for them to track you even your internet provider can't see you

Th3Coder (136)

@BrockTempler right! By the way you can visit the dark web using Tor if you know how to, so that's why I didn't include it.

I'll add it though, thanks!

And hopefully you have never visited the dark web

BrockTempler (0)

@Th3Coder Yes you can, I would also much rather not take a trip to the dark web.

mollthecoder (34)

@BrockTempler You can't go to the dark web unless you manually put in the URL @Th3Coder

BrockTempler (0)

That was random lol. I like your post this was pretty helpful. If you know python I would appreciate your hellp on newest my newest [email protected]

Th3Coder (136)

@mollthecoder manually? Nope, I think there are actual websites that provide links to the dark web (not to mention the dark web search engines...)

BrockTempler (0)

Never heard of that one. Darkweb search engines and if it exists whats most private i will proable justt enter through [email protected]

BrockTempler (0)

Oh nm dont use torch think it has alot of [email protected]

Th3Coder (136)

@BrockTempler yup! There are also other ones (like Ahmia and Excavator, I think)...

Also turns out the dark web can be visited without using Tor! BUT DON'T.

BrockTempler (0)

ye I don't think im that dumb.. but theres other sitess that use onion routing so even still im sure theres otherways . SO if I was to take a visit what should I use inside of tor cause it has 1 flaw tor [email protected]

Th3Coder (136)

@BrockTempler oh sorry if I offended you... Also what flaw does Tor have?


Hi click this link for more information about replit: https://replit.com/talk/learn/TO-ADMINS-AND-USERS/135147


yes i can read it lol also #pog


@Th3Coder shut up

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@Th3Coder "I'm sure you can't read this!" U still sure?

Th3Coder (136)

@FlaminHotValdez oh, that's because you dared! (Your PFP)

Also, that's a good quote! :D

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@Th3Coder zalgo isn't that hard to read.

Assuming you can get your eyes within 2 inches of the screen, which I can.


See @Th3Coder this is my altie

Th3Coder (136)

@Th3C0derKid hello, little clone of myself!


@Th3Coder i made an alt account called @Th3C0derKid


i thought duckduckgo was a game



Th3Coder (136)

@jason37 yes, that's the actual channel name.


fake warnin

Th3Coder (136)


fake warnin

Umm... what?

(Also, sorry I edited the comment since my previous one gives the impression that I'm mad.)

Th3Coder (136)

@OatMilk ohh... thanks for the information! As I am aware though, this extension is different from the AdBlock.

Here's the link to AdBlock:
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-%E2%80%94-best-ad-blocker/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom (see the difference? The extension you are referring to is separate from AdBlock!)

Also, I'll add this to the post.


bennyrobert (45)

Simple. Fork this repl, change the URL in line 4 to what you want, run the Repl and bam! Private browser, inside Replit.

bennyrobert (45)

Markdown fails, but whatever!

Th3Coder (136)

@bennyrobert great idea! It doesn't work with websites like Google and Forbes though...

bennyrobert (45)

@Th3Coder Yeah, it doesn't bypass router restrictions, so I wouldn't be suprised if it can still see your search history aswell. But you don't have to worry about someone checking out your search history!

Th3Coder (136)

@ccdd13 nice, thanks for the information! But using Google Chrome still allows Google to track us... (even if we block all cookies, malicious websites, JS etc Google Chrome still sends data to Google!)

Using it with another browser might be a good idea though! Thanks!

Bookie0 (6360)

Pretty good article!

Several websites force us to disable AdBlock.

for those annoying pop ups that say something like "We know you're not here for ads, but please to keep this free take off your blocker", I just manually block the popup, as well as the kind of "blur" screen behind it, and that's about all! :)

Th3Coder (136)

@Bookie0 thanks! Also, that's cool! But how do you block the popup? 🤔🤔🤔 I don't think there's an X button...

...or is there?

Bookie0 (6360)

@Th3Coder I just use AdBlockerPlus (free):

And select 'block specific element

And for example I can move my mouse over all the different elements on a page and block it, and it'll disappear.

So for the popup, I just click the pop up to block it, and the blur behind it as well! :)

Th3Coder (136)

@Bookie0 cool! Thanks for sharing!

zplusfour (916)

ye i can read this lmao
also good tutorial :)

Th3Coder (136)

[zalgo removed by moderator]

DynamicSquid (5022)

@Th3Coder Please don't post zalgo text :)

Th3Coder (136)

@DynamicSquid lol that was a month ago but okay, sorry! Does the zalgo in the post count btw? I mean, it doesn't cover anything

DynamicSquid (5022)

@Th3Coder It depends, if it's a little bit of zalgo, then sure that's fine. The main issue with zalgo is that it makes everything laggy and covers up everything around it. So just don't go overboard with it :)

DynamicSquid (5022)

@Th3Coder Also, I don't really pay attention to how old a post is 😅 Don't worry though, it's all good!

Th3Coder (136)

@DynamicSquid okay thanks!

I don't really pay attention to how old a post is 😅