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How I put my repl on a free custom domain!!!
ExplosionScratc (512)

Ok so I created https://slight.gq, which is my URL shortener. But the process was long and tricky to get right so I thought I'd share.

Step 1: Make your repl

Just make a repl or something you want to host.

Step 2: Get your domain

Go to https://freenom.com and create an account and register a domain. It's super simple. Once you have your domain click "manage domain":

Now go to "name servers":

Leave this tab open and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Register on cloudfare

Make/login to your cloudfare account, then click "add site":

Now add your site you registered on freenom:

Step 4: Add cloudfare nameservers.

Select free plan (or paid if you want) on cloudfare and continue until you get to the "Looking up existing DNS records" this step for some reason takes forever for me. So I just clicked here:

There it should say to change the name servers and remove freenom.com ones. Go back to your freenom.com tab with nameservers and add the ones that cloudfare lists:

Step 5: Connect to your repl

In your repl click add custom domain (the pencil icon) and then add your website (without https or www) and then copy the some-hash-here.repl.co thing it gives you. Now go back to your cloudfare tab and go to DNS:

Now you want to add a CNAME record to your DNS:

IMPORTANT make sure you click the "proxied" icon so it changes to "DNS only" this is important to make sure your website doesn't infinite loop (idk why it did this). Also if you want just https://yoursite.whatever instead of https://www.yoursite.whatever replace "www" with "@".

Now add that record and go back to the repl page and click "next" then "finish linking" and wait for it to link.

🎉 ALL DONE!!!! 🎉

Now you have a custom website! Post a comment if you want help with something!

retronbv (131)

freenom is bad because if your site gets popular they revoke it and show ads so they get money

ExplosionScratc (512)


retronbv (131)

@ExplosionScratc I haven’t experienced it but other people on repl have

zelferry (0)

I cannot create an account on freenom.com! :(