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Hosting Bastion discord bot on Repl.it
YellowBanana (19)

Hosting Bastion on repl.it!

Bastion is a multipurpose discord bot made to control your server with ease! This guide will show you how can you host your own instance of Bastion on repl.it for free!

So let's start!

This should look like this:

  • Now click on Import From GitHub, and then wait for it to import the files! After its done click on Done to update ur repl to NodeJS

Now wait for it to update the repl, in the meantime, why not Donate Traction for making such an awesome bot!

  • When its done upgrading, simply click on Shell in the right side to install the dependencies, type npm install to install the dependencies!

While it is installing the dependencies simply open settings folder and then rename the files from configurations.example.yaml to configurations.yaml and credentials.example.yaml to credentials.yaml. And fill out the given values!
Tip: Here is a tutorial on how to get your discord bot token by reactiflux: click here
Here is another great tutorial on how to obtain a YT api key for music by RapidAPI: click here

  • When you are done with installing dependencies and filling the values simply start the bot by hitting the run button!
    Congrats! Your self hosted Bastion is now online and ready to interact!

Now the only thing remaining is setting up the uptimerobot! Ofc hosting bastion doesn't need to setup any server.js file! You will see that an api webserver automatically starts when u hit the run button! Simply copy the url of the webserver and setup uptime robot by following this guide! Click Here

Your webserver will look something like this:

And now your bastion will run 24/7! If you need any help join The Bastion HQ and ping me for help! Or even the staff there is extremely friendly so they may help you :) Peace Out

JohnLui3 (0)

Hi there, I was wondering which values I needed to fill out in the configurations. Is the mongodb supposed to filled in? Thank you

alanchen12 (35)

tokens in a yaml file is bad

alanchen12 (35)

obfuscated code bruh

iamsami (4)

Tysm for this guide ( Btw I'm iamsami#7346)