Send emails with NodeJs w/ Nodemailer
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Well, well, well,

It's Christmas, and boy, do I have a gift for you!

But first, a quick intro:

I joined not to long ago to learn to code. I had no clue about Nodejs, I never planned to post on learn, but here I am.

My mission:

Have a working way to send emails using nodemailer! Did I do it? Yes!


You will need to create a .env file which must include 2 lines:

You will also need to change
YOUR USERNAME In public/send.html
To your username. Then you're all set!

Well, almost,

If you have 2fa on your Gmail account, you need to setup an app password using the instructions at the bottom of the repl. Good luck!

Welp, I'm Out

Hope that setup wasn't to much! If you want to preview what the send page will look like, click here
If you rename your repl, make sure you change the URL in send.html!

Please let me know if I have forgotten anything! Share any adaptions below! \/

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PixelNinja (311)

Hey! @AdCharity , depending on what you mean, you could edit the code to call the function whenever you wanted or add a set interval function which runs every X ms. What sort of purpose was you thinking? Remember Gmail has a rate limit of about 2 seconds. You can send to multiple emails at a time with the to address as

to: '[email protected], [email protected]',

.env files are used to hide variables you don't want people to see, has a tutorial on them.