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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts!

This isn't necessarily for but for everything. (I will only do windows for now.)

On MacOS, replace Ctrl with Cmd.

  1. Delete the last word using backspace instead of just one letter.
    The way to do this is ctrl + backspace.
  2. Go to the beginning or ending of the last word or word in front of cursor.
    The way to do this is ctrl + left arrow or right arrow.
  3. Switch tabs (Chrome, might work on other browsers)
    The way to do this is ctrl + tab.
  4. switch windows (again chrome tested may work on other browsers.)
    the way to do this is ctrl + n
  5. switch between windows (same as before)
    The way to do this is alt + tab.
  6. close a tab (same as before)
    the way to do this is ctrl + w.
  7. close a window (same as before)
    The way to do this is ctrl + shift + w.
  8. Undo latest change (same as before.)
    the way to do this is ctrl + z
  9. redo latest undo. (same as before)
    the way to do this is ctrl + Y or ctrl + shift + z.
  10. open link in new tab (same as before)
    the way to do this is ctrl + clicking the link.
  11. open last closed tab (same as before)
    the way to do this is ctrl + shift + t.
  12. Zoom in or out (same as before)
    the way to do this is ctrl + using the scrolling feature on mice or mouse pads.

That was most of the shortcuts

Those were the ones I use most. here are some that are repl based:

Run repl

ctrl + enter

Open shell

ctrl + shift + s

open preferences

ctrl + ,

Open version control sidebar

ctrl + shift + g

open debugger

ctrl + shift + d

toggle command bar

ctrl + .

Open multiplayer mode

ctrl + shift + m

Open packages sidebar

ctrl + shift + L

Even More!

There can be some more shortcuts found here

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ctrl + / starts a one line comment in TypeScript. didnt test the rest of them

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These are pretty standard, KDE has all.

In FF it’s M-\d

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I know that they're pretty standard its just that most people look over them and they can be really helpful cutting time of having the do something by half.

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It’s just that I don’t like anything being “Windows only” if it’s not.

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Ah. Alright I'll change that. I only put windows only cause that's the only os I know lol.

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You can also add a clause:

On MacOS, replace Ctrl with Cmd

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Also in Linux, there’s the MagicSysRQ key.

You hold Alt-PrintScr and press a key to send a command to the Kernel.

  • R - Set keyboard to raw mode
  • E - Send SIG15 to all processes > 1
  • I - Send SIG9 to all processes > 1
  • S - Sync discs
  • U - Unmount all disks as RO
  • B - Reboot
  • O - Poweroff
  • F - OOM killer
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Can Tab button be used to move the cursor forward or just a unit forward from any word ?

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Thanks. (Only one more cycle until your number becomes this year XD)

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Lol thanks