Tutorial: Building a Discord bot with Node.js
GarethDwyer1 (274)

Hey all,

This is the Node.js version of my tutorial on building Discord chatbot's (the other version is in Python). I'm watching the comments here and at codementor, so shout if you have any questions!


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ryosan1210 (2)

I'm Japanese so I can't write English well. I'm sorry.

I have a question.
I can't run my project. There is sentence in console.
It is "exit status 127".
So I can't run my project.

GarethDwyer1 (274)

@ryosan1210 can you share a link to your project?

GarethDwyer1 (274)

[email protected] your .replit file is wrong. Change the 'run=' line to

run = "node main.js"
ryosan1210 (2)

@GarethDwyer1 I can run my project!