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HTML - Make a website with paths.
will986will (57)

First of all I don't think that the terminology in the title is correct so if you know the correct wording please say.

The Actual Tutorial Bit.

Before you start you have to think of repl.it more like a online web host to solve many HTML problems.

Step 1

Create a second .html file and write whatever inside it.

Step 2

Write a link to the new file you have made <a href="whateverFileYouMade.html">Link to page 2</a>

Step 3

Click run to get the updates to be done.

Step 4

Open the website to test if it works for you, here is mine https://test--will986will.repl.co and here is the code https://repl.it/@will986will/test if this has helped you then please upvote.

Viktor5750 (3)

This was very helpful!

CorranTheIronMi (0)

Nice, thanks for helping