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GitHub notifications in your Discord server!!!

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to get notifications from GitHub in your discord server!

If you're like me and work with friends on discord and collaborate on your projects using GitHub, then this tutorial is perfect for you!

I use GitHub while making video games to share the project across multiple platforms, and discord is an excellent way to organise discussions with team members. This is an excellent way for all of your team members to see what's going on in the GitHub repository and to better communicate.

Step 1

Navigate to integrations in your discord server setting then select create webhook (for me it view webhooks because I already have one)

Step 2

Click the create webhook button (for me it is new webhook because I already have one)

Step 3

Name your webhook, add an image and select a channel for the notifications to appear in. Then, click the copy webhook url button

Step 4

Go to your GitHub repository or organisation, then go to settings, and webhooks

Step 5

Click the add webhook button. Paste your webhook url into the payload url text box and add /github to the end of it. Then, change the content type to application/json and customise what you want to get notifications for. Check the active box then click create webhook!

(What it should look like in discord)

Now you're done! Try doing something to the repository and a notification will appear in your discord server! I hope this tutorial helped you, and happy collaborating!


Nice and clear tutorial!


@VulcanWM thanks! I was worried people might not understand