React code reviews!

Hi all! My name is Alex, I work as a front end engineer at Replit. I specialize on React, Node and TypeScript. Before that I spent 7 years at Facebook working on React, React Native and other projects.

I'm new to Talk and this is not a tutorial, sorry! But if you are learning React, I can look at your code and give you some feedback and suggestions.

If you have an app you've been working on that's using React, feel free to share the repl here and tell me which parts of code you are not sure about or wants some feedback on. I'll try to record short video reviews and will share them in the replies, so we all can learn!

I'm going to look at your projects sometime today or early next week. If you like the format we can do it again in the future!

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First of all I welcome you in this forum. hope you have a good time here and increase your knowledge second I would like to wish you good luck in your respective field. What I believe is Programming is an art, we create our own world inside a world (computers). I understand and everything how it's felt when a program compiles without errors because I'm an Essay Writer plus a programmer of C# and also knows a little Java.