How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 2 (Updated 2021)

Ok, so assuming you've already read Part 1 of my Tutorial Series, let's get straight into the good stuff!
Discord Rewrite Branch uses the async/await method, for those of you who don't know, you will understand it later.

By the way, I'm using so I won't explain how to install Discord on your computer.

Import Modules

Firstly, let's import the discord modules into python. We will be importing 2 modules, which is enough to last you till quite an advanced level. The 2 modules are namely:
commands from discord.ext
To import, copy and paste this:


I previously used the token to string method which is unsafe.
We will be using Secrets that Replit has integrated into all repls.
Set the key name to bot_token and the value to the copied string. (Should be a string of random characters)

Defining Bot Object

Most of the code will heavily rely on this. To define your bot, we will be using the Bot function from the commands module. It will take in one main parameter which is the bot prefix. A bot prefix is a character you have to type before the actual command for it to work, for example:

In Discord:

As shown in the picture, the bot only responded when I had the | symbol.
To code this, copy and paste this:
client = commands.Bot(command_prefix = "|")

Do note that you can change the prefix to anything you like, as long as there are no spaces

Programming the On-Ready Event

Your bot is almost about to go online, the last step is to get the bot to print out a message when it successfully goes online and to also add an activity it's doing like this...

This is called an event, an Discord has a built-in function just for what we want to do.
The code below will explain what each step does:

Lastly, Don't Forget to at the run command to get your bot online and working
Now if you hit the run button, it should start installing the relevant lock files.
Once you see it says "Moderation Bot Online and Running" you know you have successfully made a bot.
But what is a bot without a command? Let's make 1 Simple command to show the ping of the user. The ping is the latency between the transmission of data between the server and the user. It is usually measured in milliseconds(ms) but Discord measures it in seconds(s) - weird.
Here's the code:

Oh my, it surely has been a long Tutorial hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for the next one:)
If you encountered any problems along the way, feel free to voice it out in the comments section below.

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@DynamicSquid I am aware of the updates on .env files, however, those updates happened about a month or 2 ago, and this post has been updated in 2021.

What I mean to say, is that previously, this post just told users to put token in the main file, which is entirely incorrect, I understand that what I commented is now outdated, but 10 months ago, that is, the time when I commented it, .env files were used to create environment variables.

I'm sorry but I do not keep track of every single comment of mine.