Python or C?
Crcoli7307 (32)

Python or C?

So I just started learning C, I've learned Python for about 3 weeks and I would like to compare and contrast them a bit and give them both pros and cons.


For this demo, I will be making a Pin Verification program in both Python and C. The objectives are:

Pros and Cons



  • Python is Easy to Learn
  • Python usually takes less time and fewer lines of code to write.
  • Python can easily make variables and inputs


  • You can not make "big" software with Python, for example, you can not make a full operating system with just Python.
  • More people know python so there is a higher chance of someone already making/made what you want to make.



  • You can make "big" software such as full operating systems and large programs.
  • Fewer people know C as it is harder to learn which means you have a lesser chance that someone is already making what you are making.


  • It is confusing to learn C at first because there are lots of squiggly brackets and parentheses.
  • It takes more time and lines to write a program.
  • Just to make an input you have to print the question then use scanf to save it to the variable.


So, you tell me, what do you think is better. I equally like both. But you can do more with C but Python is easier to learn. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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CSharpIsGud (1070)

@DynamicSquid C can do web scraping, there isn't really much if anything python can do that C cant.
Its just that while you can make a web scraper in C, its many more orders of magnitude more complicated and harder to do and for most of the reasons people use a web scraper its impractical

Also, its more likely that companies like google only use python for certain portions of their services, due to its speed. Things like database etc.. most definitely are written in another language