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Discord Developer Applications
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So, If you are new to developing bots in discord.js , , Ruby and more of Lua Languages.
You'll need an application first.

How to make an bot application.

To make an application go to . This is the start of making an application. Once you are in the website, you need to login or If you have you can simply do this.

  1. Click "New Application" once done. You be on this page named "General Information", you can add a new name , profile and more. But lets go to the Bot section.

  2. Once in the bot section do this, click "Add Bot" then click Ok on the page if you have clicked it.

  3. It will show the profile , name , token and more stuff.
    "WARNING! Keep you token safe because It's simply a bot's password."

Your done! You can now follow some of the tutorials on .

How this tutorial worked!

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