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Change Your Repl Account Name!
RayhanADev (2514)

How to Change Your Repl.it Account Name!

Yo, its Ray and today I’m going to teach you (something thats real) how to change your Repl.it Account name.

Anyone else realize that you picked a bad name and that Repl uses it for your URLs to your projects. Wish they told you that before you picked your name? Well let me show you how to change your name. No hacking, no cheats, just pure bugs that lets hope the Repl team doesn’t fix. It’s important to note that I have only tried this with the following scenario:

  • I created my Repl account with Google
  • I created my Github account with the SAME Google Account

so if you did these steps (not necessarily in that order) you may have another chance at changing your username! I have not yet experimented with casual sign-in and Facebook sign-in, etc. so in the comments tell me how that goes.

Step #1 - Log in With Github

Click the Log In Button

In the top-right corner, you will see a button labeled Log In. Click that button.

Click the Github Button

This take you to a page where you will need to authorized the Repl IDE for your Github account. Remember you should have made this Github Account with Google.

Authorize Repl in Github

This is that page. Make sure that this is the right account and hit the authorize button.

Step 2 - Change Your Name

Set Your Username

At this point, if all works well it should act like you are creating a new account, but the data should be the same you put in when you were creating your account from the start.

Continue as Normal

All the answers should be the ones you had before. Change these if you like, but at this point you should have changed you username.


Congratulations. Hey I hope it works for you! If it does tell me in the comments. If it doesn’t tell me that as well. Actually just tell me anything in the comments I’m pretty bored. Thanks for reading!

RayhanADev (2514)

@Spacecraft Yes, well you only get only get to do it legitimately once. This is a bug that allows you to do so even after that! However I do recommend you do that first.