Java Swing Tutorial Day 2. LEARN HOW TO MAKE A GUI

Java Swing Tutorial Day 2

G'Day Again fellow replers. It seems that there really is some people who enjoyed learning java swing.
So I will continue teaching it!


(One of) The java libraries for making Cross-platform Desktop Applications.

Previous Tutorials:
  • Day 1: We learned how to make a JFrame and button there!

The topics for today are...


JComponents are components included in the java library.

Unsurprisingly, hey all start with a J

We will be going over more JComponents in the future, but for today, we will be going over the following.

First up...


A checkbox is just a box which can be selected or not be selected indicated with a check. It is Extremely simple to use.

How to use JCheckBox!:

This is how simple it is to use a JCheckBox. You can get all the information about the methods and constructors here.

Up next...


A JLabel is just a label which holds a string of characters and you can print that almost anywhere in a frame.
It is usually used to show the user information

Here is how to create a JLabel and to use it.

Note: From here on out, I will not include the code other than what is required(The JComponent we are going over)

That is how simple it is to use a JLabel! You can use that to print information to the gui!

Check out the doc here!

And now the final JComponent we will be going over...


A JTextField is pretty much a text field. The user can type in information in it.

A text field also fires action events when the user presses enter.

In this example, pretend we are writing a chat client...

That is how simple it is to use a JTextField! Incredibly easily!
Check out the doc as well!

Well, that is it for this tutorial!

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. You can try these JComponents in a new java swing project.

Please give feedback in the comments.

Thank you!

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Can there be an update for this tutorial series? It would be much appreciated!


edit: I ended it a bit after this, check out my other posts by clicking on my profile and going to the posts tab. filter by tutorials with ctrl/cmd-f


@EpicGamer007 Oh, ok. thx. (I'm new at this!)