Python or C?
Crcoli7307 (32)

Python or C?

So I just started learning C, I've learned Python for about 3 weeks and I would like to compare and contrast them a bit and give them both pros and cons.


For this demo, I will be making a Pin Verification program in both Python and C. The objectives are:

Pros and Cons



  • Python is Easy to Learn
  • Python usually takes less time and fewer lines of code to write.
  • Python can easily make variables and inputs


  • You can not make "big" software with Python, for example, you can not make a full operating system with just Python.
  • More people know python so there is a higher chance of someone already making/made what you want to make.



  • You can make "big" software such as full operating systems and large programs.
  • Fewer people know C as it is harder to learn which means you have a lesser chance that someone is already making what you are making.


  • It is confusing to learn C at first because there are lots of squiggly brackets and parentheses.
  • It takes more time and lines to write a program.
  • Just to make an input you have to print the question then use scanf to save it to the variable.


So, you tell me, what do you think is better. I equally like both. But you can do more with C but Python is easier to learn. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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@CSharpIsGud Oh I didn't know that! That's pretty cool.