🌚🕶 Repl.it Site-Wide Dark Theme 🕶🌚

Repl.it Site-Wide Dark Theme

Do you like being blinded while browsing Repl.it?
Well me neither!

First, you might not have the editor dark theme enabled, so make sure you enable that.
1. Click the settings button at the left of the editor screen.
2. Find the theme dropdown, and select dark

Now that you have the editor dark theme enabled, we will enable the site-wide dark theme.
1. Download Tampermonkey for Chrome or Firefox
2. Choose a theme from the list of themes or create your own
3. Click the install button.
4. Upvote and post a comment on this tutorial. (100% required step)
5. Profit!

the screenshots in here may be a bit outdated since i dont update them every time i make a change

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@CBV Dark mode is still possible!

If you edit the Tampermonky code, you can use Find > Replace All to change every "repl.it" to "replit.com" and it will work! (For the most part)