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C wars: Chapter Five: The empire points back
CodeLongAndPros (1644)

Chapter five: The Empire points back

Today, we will be talking about one of the most loved/feared C features.

That's right: pointers (As defined in K&R)

Please make a new C repl and add the bones:

First, let's talk about how C uses memory.

Think about 3 cubbies next to each other:

These are at addresses: 0, 1, and 2

A pointer is a piece of data, in a cubby, in this case, 0, that points -> to another cubby (1)

To get the cubby of a bit of data (No pun intended), use &.

So add this to main:

You should have this:

The number in {} is the address of a.

You can dereference a pointer using *.

Add this to main:

Main should now == this:

If, at line 8, you add int y = *ap; and at line 10/11 you add printf("%d\n", ++y);/printf("%d\n", a);, you can see that y has the value of a;

We will also discuss using pointers in functions in Chapter Six: Return of the function.

Now, for another pointer-related topic:


You define a array using the syntax:
type name[size]
An array is one var that has x of each type in it

So int a[2] is a two long array.

You access the elements in a array using arr[index]. (Note: starts from zero)

So a[0] gets the first element of an array

If you make a pointer to &a[0], and deref it to x, x has the value of a[0] but if you add one to &a[0], it points to a[1]: *(p+1)

Since a string is a char array, int* str = &s and *(str + 1) refer to the first and second chars. It is also perfectly valid to do ++ on a pointer to refer to p + 1


Make a program, strlen, that takes a string as input and ouputs the length.

You will need a for loop, a pointer to the string, and use of ++


Part One: The Segfault menace

Part Two: The data wars

Part Three: Revenge of the if

Part Four: A new loop

Part Five: The Empire points back

Part Six: Return of the function

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Just BTW, should I do the next chapter today since the two are closely related?

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