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C++ Reference Guide
DynamicSquid (4929)


I just created a short little C++ guide for any beginner wanting to look something up. Everything is included here with the exception of headers, functions, and loops.

This is not a manual for learning C++, but rather a syntax reference guide for beginners.

This was done with the help of Sams Teach Yourself C++, the book I used to learn C++. I highly recommend buying it for yourself.

More guides should be coming in the future depending on how well this does...

Please leave any suggestions or feedback in the comments, and don't forget to upvote.


Highwayman (1483)

Uh. Small thing: don’t use sizeof() to find the length of an array, it is incorrect and
an extremely buggy way of doing things.
Nvm, I stand corrected you doin it right lol sry.

theangryepicbanana (1697)

Hey in the future, try to include the "tutorial part" in the post description :)

DynamicSquid (4929)

@theangryepicbanana Yeah lol. But I didn't have enough time, I did it late at night - next time for sure

rojjacebolla (1)

Sorry, would you mind telling me where the guide is?

Highwayman (1483)

Oo wait put in classes! Then you can put in polymorphism!! 😛