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Building a CRM app with NodeJS and MongoDB
GarethDwyer1 (307)

Hi All,

Been a while, but I published another tutorial on building a starter application. This time we show how to use NodeJS and ExpressJS to build a basic CRUD application and use a free MongoDB host to persist data.

You can find the tutorial here: https://www.codementor.io/@garethdwyer/building-a-crm-app-with-nodejs-repl-it-and-mongodb-119r72mczg

Comment below or on codementor with any questions or issues!

And shout if you have any requests for what the next tutorial should cover.


theangryepicbanana (1710)

Linking to a tutorial does not count. Either make a tutorial yourself or remove this post please

GarethDwyer1 (307)

Hey @theangryepicbanana - all of my tutorials are cross posted to both here and CodeMentor :) Could you give more details about why you think this post doesn't belong here?

theangryepicbanana (1710)

@GarethDwyer1 I'm not saying it doesn't belong, it's just that if you post a tutorial on repl.it, a the very least, it should use repl.it and not link to some other source. Try looking at some of the other tutorials in the Learn section for reference if you want

MagnoliaYY (1)

That sounds very interesting! I am very curious to see the steps for building a CRM; therefore, I will for sure check out the tutorial you have linked. CRM systems can make a big difference for someone's business: many repetitive tasks get automated. At the same time, though, choosing a CRM system can be challenging, and many fail to find the best one. So, your idea of building a CRM app does not sound bad at all: you could make it in such a way that it would meet your needs. I have heard that at https://wxora.com/crm-vs-cms-vs-erp/, you can find good options for CRM, ERP, and CMS.

MagnoliaYY (1)

That is nice, but there are a lot of other useful tutorials available on the internet. I am not close to this field, but I know that with a simple search on Google, you can find an answer to any of your questions asked. Moreover, there are a lot of well-explained tutorials on youtube on how to connect hubspot to BigQuery with Coupler.io on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uquLcmc3_Xs. Even if it seems complicated, believe me, after watching a youtube guide, you will be able to do it in less than three minutes.

sofomon (0)

Trying it by myself without the tutorial feels very hard. Building a CRM from the ground up can be more beneficial to a company. The features of an out-of-the-box CRM system are usually tailored to a certain department, such as sales or marketing. If you build your own CRM from the ground up, you get to choose which departments to focus on. Or you can use a shopify to bigquery system https://www.coupler.io/bigquery-integrations/shopify-to-bigquery, which does most of the work automatically, providing all the data that you need in one place.