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Beginners guide to repl it

Why am I making tutorials.

A small introduction

Anyway's, Welcome to Replit! Replit is an IDE. Which means its a thing-a-ma-jig that lets you code software! If you are new to repl it (I've been here for a while now), this might be good for you. Here are some simple steps to get started:

1.Select a language

There are many languages to choose from, but which one is for you?

Python - Super easy and is used a lot. (Though its kinda slow because it downloads a bazillion packages and all that)

C++ - A little hard but very fast

nodeJS - I dont know this but its used a lot for networking

HTML, CCS, JS - These are used to make programs that make your program look better. It also makes up the web

More: https://repl.it/languages

2. Learn the basics

For me, the basics are:


-Displaying text

  • Loops
  • Operators
  • If else



3.Make a small program

Try making a little calculator or game using the stuff you learned

4.Post your program on Repl Talk!

5.Earn cycles

Cycles are basically like points that dont really do anything. But I like to think of them as experience points.

How to Earn cycles

( @Bookie0 suggested this)

Post's - People can upvote your posts if they like it.
Comments - People can also upvote your comments!
Answering questions - You can earn 5 cycles if somebody finds your answer correct!

The amount of upvotes a post or comment has looks like this:

And to see how much cycles you have, Look at the number next to your username. As you can see, I have 140 cycles currently.


6.W3 schools and tutorialspoint are really good at explaining tutorials!

I hope this guide helped if you are a beginner!


Don't give up! Never Give up!

Dont go thinking that you are a Pro coder just because you know how to do hello, world! or any of your 'lobby bot' things!

Many beginner's try to do complicated stuff like Node js and stuff like that. Dont do that! Instead, start with the basics and keep practicing! Learn a new programming language!

And code every day! This will help you practice!

And most importantly, dont give up! Again!

Coding is easy to learn, but hard to master.


cool! also you can add for the cycles how you get them (upvoting peoples' comments/posts, and selecting their answer (5 cycles)), and that in the future they might have a use.


@Bookie0 Good idea! I just added it.


experience points

There are great coders with 23, and bad ones with 2 * 10^3


haha I'm 3 * 10^3 therefore I am not bad coder @CodeLongAndPros


@Coder100 Necropost much?

But still, some good people have 140 cycles, and some bad have 3100.


whats necroposting? @CodeLongAndPros



Any post or comment made on a forum thread that is very old, e.g., a thread with the last comment being several months old. This type of posting is often done by those who may have stumbled across a thread using search, without realizing no one is actively talking in the thread. Necroposting is looked down upon among the forum community because it is bad forum etiquette to reply to a discussion that has already ended.

In this case, 26 days.


haha lol no I don't actually do that but how is this necroposting if there was no discussion @CodeLongAndPros


@Coder100 1 == 1, 1 == 1...


we need like a lot more of these lol


@Highwayman I agree



@Bookie0 fixed.


very useful I have found W3 schools to be a very useful site


@NDLFOREVER Yep. Thats how I learned C++




thanks for that


@kritika2020 No problem