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Awesome Way to REALLY UNDERSTAND How Your Repls Perform

How To View Your Website's Performance!

Have you ever wondered what in the world is going on when you reload your website? Wanted to feel like those cool hackers on the spy movies with the dark mode consoles kicking some PC butt? Now you can! In this short tutorial, I will show one tool you may already be familiar with, and how to really use it to your advantage.

OK, your going to laugh at first reading this, but stay with me please. This oh so amazing tool I am talking about is.... inspect mode. You're probably already reaching for the x out button, but hang on! There's more.

Sure, inspect is nothing new to you guys. Fun fact though, it's how I first came across code! It's what brought me into your guys' awesome world!

Now here's the smash. Have you ever used the performance section? You can record and view your website status! It's been a great way for me to understand the websites I've built and gain a deeper knowledge of their complexity.

That's all for now, thanks for looking, and remember: you guys are superheroes! Without you, nobody would have survived socially during COVID-19. We are truly lucky to have such amazing tools at our fingertips, and you guys help to improve and push them! It blows my mind daily the amazing nature going on behind my screen.

Thank you all!