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5 Good Habits To Be a Great Programmer

Habit 1 : Thinking Ability

Code teaches you how to face really big problems. - Jack Dorsey
The best programmers are those who think before writing code. They know that programming is not all about writing code its about solving problems, solving people problems its about making people life better. The more you think the more creative ideas you will get the great programmers have strongest thinking ability. If you want to become a great programmer in your life think before you write code ask yourself questions like how you can make people life better how you can solve real world problems by your code.

Habit 2 : Simplicity

Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art. - Philip James Bailey
Write code extremely simple even the people who don't know much about programming can understand. When you write your code in a way even a beginners can understand that is the day you will become great programmer in life. Writing a code is not a rocket science but the good programmers are those who try make their code as simple as possible. Writing simple code also help you in debugging and understanding it. The more simple code you will write the more easily you will understand and the more it will help you in debugging it.

Habit 3 : Patience

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. - Joyce Meyer
If you don't have patience in programming you will not become a great programmer. Patience is the skill which everyone should develop because thing will never comes easy neither faster you need to be patient. The best programmers knows that they need to patient and calm while debugging code, they debug their code patiently until they make their code debugging free.

Habit 4 : Practice

You become what you consistently practice. So practice consistently what you want to become. - Unknown
There is a saying " Practice makes man perfect". You can't become a great programmer in one night, you need to practice it consistently until you maser it. There is only one and one way you can master programming language and that is through practice. You will not become a great programmer by learning it you will become a great programmer by writing and practicing it consistently day by day. Schedule your routine start practicing until you become a master at it learn new things skills solve problems debug your code the thing is practice it consistently.

Habit 5 : Always try to write less code

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to find it. - Bill Gates
Writing more codes means you are spending more time in it. The less code you write the more time you have for the optimisation or for thinking. The experience programmers are those who less code which help them in saving their time which they can spend in other activities.


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