RayhanADev (2624)
PewPew! A Duotone Shooter for the Kaboom Jam
# **PewPew!** ![logo](https://i.postimg.cc/28drzTbX/C84790-FE-ACDF-47-E8-934-D-A7283-FC288-FF.png) **Welcome to Pew Pew**, a doutone [danmaku](https:/...
Coder100 (18944)
Oreo vs Cookie
# OREO VS COOKIE Oreos are NOT cookies. Cookies are NOT oreos. Oreos are cookie sandwiches. Trust me, I ~~don't~~ know. ## About You are a cookie try...
ZeroTixDev (32)
Attack on Turrets!! - Kaboom Jam submission
# **Attack on Turrets** - Game Jam Submission # Overview **Attack on Turrets**, a epic top down shooter style game developed in HTML/CSS/JS with no li...
RoBlockHead (532)
Kaboom Jam: Introducing Bamboo Ninja!
## Introducing Bamboo Ninja! ### Kaboom Jam Entry [@RoBlockHead](https://repl.it/@RoBlockHead) and [@JackFly26](https://repl.it/@JackFly26) This is o...
sugarfi (630)
Pixel Jam - A small game for the Kaboom Jam
This is Pixel Jam, a small game I made for the Kaboom Jam. You play as a small pink-haired guitarist, eager to prove that they are a good musician. Yo...
tankerguy1917 (179)
Kaboom Jam submission
This is my submission for the Kaboom Jam. I wanted to use Kaboom, but with school, life and other things, I didn't have much time, so I used Pygame. I...