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Pixel Jam - A small game for the Kaboom Jam

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This is Pixel Jam, a small game I made for the Kaboom Jam. You play as a small pink-haired guitarist, eager to prove that they are a good musician. You do this by going up against 4 enemies: the Piano Grandmaster, Metalhead, Futureman, and a mysterious final boss. Each of these enemies has a song that they play, and you will have to use your guitar to play along with them! Like Guitar Hero. You use the a, b, c, and d keys to play notes, when they touch the orange line - if you play them too early or too late, you use a life. If you run out of lives, you die and have to restart. Get enough notes right, however, and the enemy loses a life, until you can move on to the next level!

The songs used:

  • Genesis - 'That's All'
  • Black Sabbath - 'War Pigs'
  • Kraftwerk - 'The Model'
  • You'll know it when you hear it :)

Note that each song should start about 10 seconds after the level loads - any delays are normal and expected.

Have fun! If you beat the game, feel free to post a screenshot below to flex about it! Thanks for reading!

(I would've posted this in the challenge board, but it seems that still has lang jam submissions in it ><)

SMALL UPDATE: I added some optimizations, so the game should no longer crash user's computers when they run it.

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ok it works now. Very nice