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Hello everyone! Me and my best friend @EvelynPacio have been planning this for a while now. Ever since we started to learn programming over the summer we got a huge interest on combining coding with creativity. With our knowledge on HTML, CSS, and JS, we decided to take on the challenge on creating a new programming language that can benefit artists all over the world! Now, as you can tell from here, we're technically newbies when it comes to inventing a programming language. Literally the day before the Jam we learned the basics of compliers and how computers can read codes in the first place. To be honest, we thought it would be easy. Little did we both know, it was one heck of a ride hehe. However, this doesn't stop us from losing hope! We will continue to work on our language (VEC) and updating to make programming easy as possible. May sound impossible but, that doesn't stop us :)

VEC Website:
VEC Example:

(The VEC example will not work for now due to necessary finalizations but, these are our ideas!)

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@mprias216 if you want I can help you