Kaboom Jam: Introducing Bamboo Ninja!

Introducing Bamboo Ninja!

Kaboom Jam Entry @RoBlockHead and @JackFly26

This is our submission for the 2021 Kaboom Game Jam!

You must keep all of the bamboo shoots trimmed so that it doesn't break through your ceiling!

Beware though, as you chop off parts of the shoots, they'll start to grow faster!

This all started with us thinking of clever ways to interpret the word "shoot", to make this project stand out from the sea of shoot-'em-up games or slightly more creative photography simulators. A few ideas were:

  • A shoot-to-move control scheme (GMTK fans where y'all at)
  • A space invaders remake
  • A game where you yell "Shoot!" every time you mess up a simple task
  • A game about bamboo trimming (as in bamboo shoots)

You can guess which one we wound up doing.

Have Fun!!


Art and Graphics by @RoBlockHead
Music and Animations by @JackFly26
Some art by BRIK
Kaboom.JS engine by tga

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