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MMH: Winner announcement
AllAwesome497 (394)

MMH participants,
We are very happy to finally announce the winners of the Massively Multiplayer Hackathon.
We, the judges, me, @enigma_dev and @21natzil were very impressed with everyone's submissions, but enough talking, lets reveal the winners.

Drumroll please

First place,! won because of its amazing gui, and also mobile support, and they even spent money from their pocket to buy a domain.

Second place, Eval discord robot!

We loved how this bot works and how well documented everything is. The Eval discord robot works very well, and even supports multiple languages.

Third place, BLATHERSKITE!

BLATHERSKITE won because of its amazing terminal art, and the great artificial intelligence for it!

Thanks for everyone who participated, we look forward to seeing your submissions next time!
Winners email [email protected] to claim your prize.

AlienKitty (2)

How do we do a challenge?

firefish (931)

@mo2409 Hello are you okay mate

mo2409 (14)

@johnstev111 e

I am not okay 1: I have been coding for 6 hours straights, 2: I HAVE NO MORE COFFEE!

firefish (931)

@AhmadFarrukh I think you got the wrong alt mate

mo2409 (14)

@johnstev111 Alright everyone its been a week and yes I bought coffee, and I will be quiet and yes I got the wrong alt mate.