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Kaboom Jam submission
tankerguy1917 (180)

This is my submission for the Kaboom Jam. I wanted to use Kaboom, but with school, life and other things, I didn't have much time, so I used Pygame. I also got a bad case of scope creep, I had to take out some things that weren't working like they should have.


You are a spaceship trying to stop as many alien invaders as you can.


Use the arrow keys to move and make sure you take advantage of the fact yo can move left to right and space to shoot.

I used Lospec pixel editor as well as a palette from Lospec called pirates adventure to make all the graphics.


Well done

Dunce (71)

Cool! I especially like the art, Though I do suggest that you put .convert() at the end of your pygame.image.load() functions, it makes the image work better and faster in pygame.

tankerguy1917 (180)

@Dunce Thanks for the tip. I'm glad you like it :)

rubpec2 (4)

alternate title: spam space and keep going up and down

tankerguy1917 (180)

@rubpec2 Haha. Yeah, when I made the title, you were going to have limited ammo, so I thought that Just Right would be fitting, but then I wasn't able to get somethings working, and it would have been a lot more work to make a new name picture thing.

98129182 (8)

Awesome game, but isn’t this Pygame?

tankerguy1917 (180)

@98129182 You didn't have to use Kaboom, but they wanted people to use it. I didn't have enough time to learn JavaScript or Kaboom, so I used Pygame.

CookieSnowOwl (41)

weird. IS it just me or does arrow keys not work

NotMrMan (119)

It's great!

Only thing is, it is a bit easy, since the bullet can hit multiple enemies. You should have made it destroy the bullet on impact

tankerguy1917 (180)

@NotMrMan I tried that, but it would sometimes say that "couldn't remove x from LISTNAME.remove[x]" or whatever the error was. Basically, when it tried to despawn the bullet, it was already despawned, so it got really confused, but thanks for the suggestion. Oh, and i tried to add levels and a boss, but they didn't work out and so I took them out, for now at least.

gearDev (49)

@tankerguy1917 Use

probably a bad practice but eh.

tankerguy1917 (180)

@gearDev Ok. Thanks for the suggestion!

Zavexeon (1165)

Hey there, moved this to Jam for you!

RayhanADev (2696)


This is amazing! I love the graphics, they're soooo beautiful!
My best was like 153 then I died but still amazing!

Good luck at the Jam dude!

tankerguy1917 (180)

@RayhanADev Thanks. Good luck to you too. I like your submission too. I think the fact that you can heal by blocking the enemies attack is a cool idea.