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Coyote - the static scripting language
pixelherodev (5)

Coyote is the static scripting language, designed by @DarkUranium with help from @pixelherodev. The flexibility and interoperability of Lua, with all of the power and performance of C, and safety to boot! Featuring (eventually) builtin language server support, incremental compilation, static typing, and native performance, Coyote aims to fill a niche similar to Lua's without the need for a complex runtime, and with support for embedded hardware.

Coyote utilizes a parameterized SSA IR form, which allows it to be efficiently translated via a JIT compiler into highly performant native code, and it can be precompiled into native binaries on demand, allowing it to be linked directly into host code.

Coyote is intended to be utilized for gamedev, embedded hardware, and numerical computing.


TheDrone7 (1776)

Please edit the post to include the usernames of the teammembers.
Thank you.

pixelherodev (5)

@CodeLongAndPros Yes, the plan is to switch a just-in-time [re]compiler soonish (I'm tempted to do it now, but as @DarkUranium has pointed out, JIT can be added in pretty easily [relatively], whereas other components - such as the LSP support and incremental compilation - require major architectural decisions and thus are a higher priority).

CodeLongAndPros (1587)

@pixelherodev Oh I was saying that you wanted JIT compilation, since JIT means just in time. 'I got to work JIT' is valid, whereas 'It's JITed' is not.

pixelherodev (5)

@CodeLongAndPros Ahh, you were under the impression that technical terms and grammar can coincide peacefully, I see!

Jokes aside, I find that the level of effort I put into grammar correlates exactly to the amount of clarity it provides. JIT-ed may not be strictly valid, but it's also unambiguous and concise.

That's just my opinion, though. If it really bothers you, I'd be happy to change it.

CodeLongAndPros (1587)

@pixelherodev Well yes, but it's the same to me as ATM machine. Unambiguous, yes. Necessary, no. JIT compilation or JIT compiler works with me, at least.

pixelherodev (5)

@CodeLongAndPros To me, the difference is that ATM Machine adds redundant information, whereas JIT as a verb (in place of JIT compilation) leaves out inferrable information. I'll change it, though; I don't care either way, whereas you actively want it this way, and it costs me nothing to do so.

pixelherodev (5)

@CodeLongAndPros I'll also point out that if that's the worst mistake I made, I did a pretty good job ;)

DynamicSquid (4622)

the jam ended yesterday...

DarkUranium (0)

We had some forum-related issues with the submission yesterday, so we got approved late as an exception. It's why the description is so brief, learned about the approval and had to scribble something up ASAP (lost the original description).
There aren't any changes post-jam-end (they checked!), except for a bit of a roadmap update.