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Aardvark - The language that covers all of your needs.
hg0428 (196)

A quick note

This competition had been very informative, and enjoyable, but not without its fair share of challenges. Thank you for this challenge, it has got us into developing this amazing project. We plan to continue to develop Aardvark after this competition but this was a great place to start.


Aardvark is a powerful, memory efficient language designed to meet you needs and more.

You can make cool things with Aardvark, like:

  • A Web server
  • A Database
  • A Chatbot
  • A timer
  • A Filesystem
  • Graphics
And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? TRY IT NOW!

Detailed Documentation

Getting Started:

To get started with your first output do: output('hello world!\n'). There you go, you've officially ran your first program! Take note of the \n. If you (like me) get tired quickly of writing \n you can go ahead and use #include anr press enter, and then run output('hello world!'). See! works without the \n. We'll talk more about #include later, but for now that's all you need to know. Comments start with / and end with \.

Running Files

To run files all you need to do is run #include file-to-run this imports all aspects of a file and runs them directly to the terminal.

So there are the basics, now got write your first Aardvark program!

Email: [email protected]
By hg0428 & PlasDev & ZDev1


MasterGameMaker (10)


cdCreepArghhh (6)

I agree. It a lot of stuff built right in

theamazingplant (3)

I am new to this site, and to programming, but this looks like an interesting language.

hg0428 (196)

We are working on a new version - a compiler. It will hopefully be much better.

zplusfour (916)

@hg0428 ur online
The new aardvark is written in C++

hg0428 (196)

New username, How?
I came up with a system, so you can put adk code in py and py code in [email protected]