amasad (3453)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (548)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
CodinUser (5)
Help me create a programing language in python
Hello! I want to create a programing language in python but i dont know how to. It will b great if you can help contribute to the project. I have a s...
programmeruser (597)
How do I reorder unit tests?
How do I reorder unit tests, besides deleting and creating them again?
candies (429)
Repl Auth - Getting User's Projects
What im doing is making something that displays the projects of users. and you have the option to host it. Or increases its uptime by going to the pag...
VulcanWM (2770)
Rate all the coding languages you know from 1-10
Comment below all the coding languages you know and how much you would rate them (whole numbers from 1-10 please) **I have all the data I needed. Tha...
amasad (3453)
Ask Me Anything
Hi, I thought it'd be fun to do. AMA. Thanks everyone, closing this but you can ask me questions here: https://replit.com/@amasad/Ask-Me-Anything
AvadaKedavra09 (1)
Is there a way i can connect replit to vs code?
So i want to ask that if there is a way , so that one can code in vs code in a replit project so the repl also gets updated. I prefer vs code's codin...
VulcanWM (2770)
How much would you rate Python from 1-10? 1 being terrible and 10 being amazing.
RayhanADev (2525)
C/C++ Developers for ReplAPI.it
Hey there Replit! You may have heard of [ReplAPI.it](https://github.com/ReplAPI-it/ReplAPI.it-NodeJS) or [the ReplAPI.it Project](https://github.com/R...
SnackyCoding (6)
# THIS HAS BEEN SOLVED. **I used my sidebar**
JBloves27 (1887)
# Hello there! #### I just felt like posting one of these, and so here I am! I know this might get unlisted, delete, etc. However, I just wanted to tr...
ChezCoder (1605)
My thoughts on the community
Hello Repl, I hope you read the full length of this message. For those who don't know me, I am ChezCoder, and I left repl for a few reasons. 1. The c...
CristianoSch (1)
How can I add a files in my repository from github, by using Replit?
I've already created a repository and now I'd like to upload the entire file to the same folder
JakeHu2020 (22)
AMA (Ask Me Anything)
I'm very bored, so I thought of doing this. Ask questions in the comments and I'll try my *best* to answer them (the questions don't have to be only c...
RayhanADev (2525)
StackOverflow Hate Land ~~Typewriter Effect that Parses HTML in React/Nextjs~~
> Edit: Just hate StackOverflow in the comments lol The people on StackOverflow are meanies ;-;. I want to typewrite [some HTML](https://rayhanadev....
amasad (3453)
How did Repl.it help you this year?
We want to feature a few stories from our community and would love to know how Repl.it helped you navigate 2020. Maybe you're teacher and Multiplayer...
alialiwa2005 (21)
Repl Team, Please Add an Option to Disable Forking!
#### Sometimes, code needs to be private, but not always completely private (like a Hacker Plan private repository). #### What I mean is, sometimes y...
RowanDeHaxer (1)
a env file
How can i make an env file for an bot token it say's i can't do it
LilWolfy (59)
Python Team
Hello, fellow Repl-users! I've been inactive for about 4 months, and want to learn again. I will be creating a new team, with 4 slots. Requirements...
shahsexyman (26)
After putting a voucher code inside of https://repl.it/claim and click enter, it doesn't work. Can someone help?
StevenDavis2 (36)
I love to animate! Ask me if you please!
I love to animate bitmap sprites and backgrounds! If you want me to create something for a project or something else of yours, or even if you just wan...
elipie (353)
Why is everyone making Python tutorials
ok i kinda get it... they are good at the language and they want to show others how good they are at the language. Oh and sometimes help people out b...
SpoonyTheGreat (6)
Does anyone want to help make a programming language?
Hello, I'm willing to collab with people to make a programming language. Please make an indication of your interest in the comments below
PaoloAmoroso (190)
What Repl.it accomplished in 2020 and what to expect in 2021
In early January 2020 I asked [what to expect from Repl.it that year](https://repl.it/talk/ask/What-to-expect-from-Replit-in-2020/25937). @amasad kind...
candies (429)
Do you like the new replit.com Profile Update?
They changed the profile page display. What are your thoughts on it?
amasad (3453)
Share your Always On repls
Just announced [Always On](https://blog.repl.it/alwayson)! From the blog: > Always On repls can be pretty useful for a variety of programs and unlock...
GatewayDuckYT (60)
Replit.com Was Blcoked
Ok so this site was blocked at my school and i love to code does anyone have a site that is like this one i JUST WANT TO CODE GRRRRR
Tanisi90 (1)
How to build a Java package
How would we create a package in a Java program? I went to the package bar on the side however, do not know what to import so that the Replit IDE wor...
MarkRosenbaum (9)
Repl.co/__ urls?
While experimenting around with repl.co I found that there are some url ending that do different thing. /__replauth Is for built in repl auth /__lo...
bellabonura21 (90)
Vadik is creating a program where the user inputs their grade level and the program tells them which sports teams they are allowed to try out for: fre...
RishabhRanjit (20)
Anyone want help?
# Hi! Hey there I am Rishabh and am currently bored... 😕😕😕 I am willing to help anyone who wants any help, as long as I can do it... I also may...