Azrael (4)
HoW dO THe ROboT ANSWer QUeStIOns?
How do you make a robot answer questions?
ash15khng (712)
A quick question to the devs..
So while reading the docs, I remembered a certain function called dir(), which creates a list of all the functions/variables in a certain module. So,...
dfoulser (0)
How to search questions?
Sorry if I missed this, but how does one search the already asked questions? I can't seem to find a search box..
csteacher17 (6)
20 Questions code in Python?
Does anyone have a basic 20 Questions code for Python? I'm referring to the game that can guess what you're thinking of in 20 questions or less.
Mosrod (526)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Lamby777 (57)
PHP questions
Ok, so this thread is basically 2 questions: 1: When is there going to be an actual PHP service, like a .php site, not just programming in ONLY php?...
ckunx (25)
After importing a course, all the questions are in the draft
I tried importing a classroom (the Autograded JS exercise), and all the questions are in the draft. This is troublesome as there are 165 questions in...
930411 (0)
How to solve this question
I tried but I can't solve it, it's the python question The function digits_stars(...) receives as input one digit (that is, an integer number greate...
HarperframeInc (446)
Too Many Questions.
**Question 1:** This Syntax Error is irritating me because I have no idea how to fix it. On this repl: **Ques...
Can we have daily/weekly question?
I think repl should have a question of the day or question of the week. Questions like the advent of code thing. We could have users submit there ques...
SarahBurgart (0)
Basic Usage Questions
There was a list of articles to read when I first signed up to explain probably most of my questions at the moment - but can't seem to find my way bac...
TylerSunthankar (3)
JackOwens1 (1)
Question regarding value error
JackOwens1 (1)
question regarding sampling and pandas
fovargue (0)
Issue with input("question") not liking the question in the brackets - input/output marking
I am trying to set up a simple input output program with input/output checks but the checks do not like input("Question") it wants to use only input()...
Lanna (40)
Just a question I wanted to ask...........
Warning, this isn't code related Anyway, this is a question that I've always wanted to ask. Since this is my first forum, I just thought about ticking...
Boopydoop (164)
a few questions about phaser
hey i have a few questions about phaser 3 for the game jam I'm making (but haven't started because i procrastinate way to much) its a clicker game wi...
EddThe (4)
Making a multiple question quiz
how can I do to make multiple question quiz?
AquaMarine0421 (33)
Question about C array :)
Hi guyz :) I'm a beginner in coding, and I am learning C language nowadays. I have a question about arrays in C program; how exactly can you **elimina...
PurpleHayes97 (0)
Can Anyone Tell me what im doing wrong here? on question one. Not Answered!
Ive tried every way of typing this out i could think of but question one is still wrong. help from someone with more experience would be greatly appre...
silverflag22 (4)
Introduction to control flow question
```js function exerciseFour(value){ let greaterThanFive = false; // In this exercise, you will be given a variable, it will be called: value //...
vedprad1 (906)
Marking a Questions as Answered
### Marking Questions as Answered By Yourself Is it possible to mark your own question as answered by yourself? I recently had a question that some p...
ricardoda (2)
simple if question
hello, I am a rockie in frontend. I made this code, when the button receive a click, it changes the state(estado1) from on to off. It is working :) N...
miloplotitsa (1)
I have a question
maybe you guys try it out but I am having trouble: When I run it the beginning works perfectly but when I ask the last question it does not respond....
silverflag22 (4)
JS Assignment 7: Arguments and Parameters Question
// Continue below this line: // Exercise Two: // Step One create a variable called 'myName' and assign it the a string of your name. // Step Two: Cal...
JordanB12 (0)
New to javascript, not understanding the questions from the assignment, help please.
I think I understand most of what the question is asking, I just can't seem to figure out what they mean by assign things to other things, or how to d...
erikasomers (0)
My (Dutch) questionnaire is stuck in a loop
I'm programing a questionnaire for a team with 3 statements about trust. Ppl have to answer by saying: 1 if the statement never happens 2 if it som...
ReshiramWolfu (96)
Daily Question #1: Which games engine would you think of programming with and why?
I have started a daily question thread, mainly because why not? Some of these questions will be about coding, some will be about any other topic. Th...
sammyebinne (3)
Lambda challenge question
Guys I got this question in the Lambda Challenge and it isn't making any sense to me why my answer isn't working. Modify the function to return true...
ReshiramWolfu (96)
Daily Question #2: Why did you choose
Time for the Second Daily Question! I started this thread yesterday (London Time) and it became popular, so I am gonna continue with this! The next qu...