Mosrod (526)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3339)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Purexity (0)
How do i make a command like HowGay
Ive been trying to make a command that picks a random percent 1-100 for a command like HowGay in dank memer. Can anyone help me?
Trillionz (0)
Replit's secret (environment variables) not working
I recently noticed .env are no longer allowed in replit with an alternative to use the environment variable secrets. I tried using that but it never...
btraven42 (0)
Scheduler with node.js
Hi! I'm trying to create a twitter bot using node.js. Everything is working fine, I'm just looking for a way to have it running automatically once a d...
hamooood (0)
Syntax Error
I have i believe a corect code, it is VERY long. 455 lines. the token does have a -, but when I refresh the code nothing happens and still has the -...
JairusSW (0)
How to run HTTP/2 Fastify Server?
Hey, everyone! I'm wondering how to make a http/2 server with fastify in repl.it. As I can see, Repl.it places its own ssl on top of a http server, bu...
vincanger (2)
Paul Graham ePub generator -- error: ENAMETOOLONG
I've got this working on my local machine, but when running the buildEPUB function on replit, I get an ENAMETOOLONG error. It seems to be a problem...
NewCoder2976 (0)
how can i run chrome on my code nodejs?
Is there a way I can launch chrome on this code?
kaskie (1)
Variable Names when using sendFile in Node.js Express
Hey all! First post here. I'm trying to link the '/' page to a different page depending on the value of a variable, but it doesn't seem to work. I tri...
soshort (0)
favicon doesn't appear
i'm making a website on replit and when i try to add a favicon, it doesn't load. it gives a 404 error in the console. screenshots are attached. ![Scre...
TravisGears (0)
My repl didn't identify itself?
So, I was doing a more reasonable coding attempt until I ran into a different issue. I was making my Discord Bot once again, but this screenshot shows...
indigiz (3)
How to detect links in chat
Edit here: https://replit.com/join/ixccdkzl-indigiz Im wondering, when you send a message, if u send a link, how do u detect a hyperlink?
Reimi504 (0)
Can anyone help me please?
node v12.16.1  Repl.it: Updating package configuration --> npm install > [email protected] install /home/runner/Cleric/node_modules/better-sql...
nrod06 (0)
Domain linking (with hover)
I bought the eventsbot.tech domain with hover. It seems that the traditional way of adding the CNAME record doesn't work. Adding the CNAME record and...
akkshayTandon (1)
How do i work with nodeJS in repl.it?
i have just started to learn nodeJS. But i am unable to understand how to create server in repl.it? someone please guide me.
VortexMoon (0)
Im having issues trying to install quick.db If you can help that would be greatly appreciated! here is the log: ``` --> npm install quick.db > bette...
MegahelperBot (0)
Can someone send me a link for glitch.com discord bot suggestion command
nbbcsf (3)
Help! My node.js app quit
I was working on a node.js project (the one below), and suddenly, in Chrome dev tools, I got error message about CSP, although I didn't specify anythi...
discoverypark (0)
bjcbot new
Check out these errors. (and help please.)
mkcodes (1)
How do I enable emulateBrowser?
(im new to nodejs) how do I enable emulateBrowser?
ICUP3339 (0)
Node.js ReplDB Leaderboard
I'm just wondering if you can create a ReplDB Leaderoard in Node.js. I understand how to make use the ReplDB but don't know how to make a Leaderboard...
bodbod1198 (0)
How to make repl with node ^14.x.x version?
Hi, i wanted to make minecraft bot on node.js but it said that: Your node version is currently 12.22.0 Please update it to a version >= 14.x.x from ht...
Stanhil (0)
How to make a variation code?
I want my bot to be able to randomly choose 10 animated gifs to present, but I've been trying to make this code for a long time but I can't. The bot i...
RahulChoubey1 (134)
How do I make a dynamic query of orders in GraphQL?
So I'm making a pretend pizza order app, and I want to use GraphQL to retrieve order data on path `/graphql`. Each order should have an `id` attribute...
Stanhil (0)
"We Couldn't Reach Your Repl" what should I do ?
what should I do ? what is it ? ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1617558445872_edfb57ee312eec80dadc5c0e50f5e6d2.png)
NoobieZr (8)
How do you make a 3 way invite tracker
I made this simple invite tracker code (shown below). But I want to make it better with the following 3 things: - Make it so you can use it on other p...
Highwayman (1443)
Can't turn off Always On button.
OK so I had the hacker plan a couple months ago, and the repl linked was made during that time. I was having some troubles with the repl and I just ki...
duck132912 (210)
The camera rotates on all 3 axis(es) even though it was only supposed to rotate on two!!! this only happens when the camera is facing a specific side....
justhasbi (0)
i intend to do pose estimation on multiple images, please help me
I loop the array from the file system and plan to do multiple estimation, but when I run my code, an error pops up saying "Cannot read property 'estim...
stringycheese (1)
Removing player mesh from THREE.js scene on socket.io message not working
why won't the scene.remove function in static/js/game.js work?
andreworloff01 (0)
Code intelligence
so I've already problem solved and found out what does and doesn't work. Whenever I create a saved or "named" repl code intelligence does not work. Ho...