Mosrod (525)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3354)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
alvinaiterra (0)
Navigating Reply.it once again
Hello it's Been a whole two Years since I last used Reply.it ooh dearie I would be far now if I continued coding but I was handling other things that...
MadPickle (0)
SyntaxError: import declarations may only appear at top level of a module
I'm making a js library like p5.js when I run the repl it says SyntaxError: import declarations may only appear at top level of a module
WilliamXing (43)
Why does it say NaN in cookie clicker?
WilliamXing (43)
Add more items
How do I add more items to the shop?
PYTHORE3605 (107)
Help with JS
I am teaching myself .js and i decided to make a basic clicker and I don't understand why the idle button isn't working. Sorry if the code is sloppy i...
Stickpuppet (0)
How can I make a custom embed for my website?
Hello, I am making a website right now for my ROBLOX group. I wanted it so when you post the link to the website somewhere, an embed thing appears and...
RiZeFrostbite (1)
Embedd won't work in full page
for some reason my embed to a repl wil not load but will in the editing page it does load any one know why this happening?
patmw (0)
Git Integration -- Possible to commit from my actual github account?
Hi there, Been using Replit for the past couple of days to start experimenting with A-Frame experiences. I love this platform, and can see myself us...
JacobMcPherson1 (191)
why wont phaser.js work?
phaser.js won't work for some reason. Am I doing something wrong or is repl just dumb??
Pizzaz4me (63)
Button Not Working, struggling to position <h3> tag
So, I created another folder, and tried to get a button to link to a HTML file in that folder. But, it's not working. How do I do it? Also, I added a...
WilliamXing (43)
How come on the top, there is some white space?
KadenBlox (2)
Replit + Cloudflare + Freenom
Hello, I've been trying for 2 days to get my repl a custom domain. So I signed up for a freenom account, got a freenom domain, and I done the Cname s...
lblare123 (0)
How to change the number of squares in a div while retaining the same grid size?
I am trying to have a button that prompts the user to change the number of squares of a 16x16 sketchpad grid to their choice of squares while having t...
technol (0)
Need help completing the game ending sequence....... i dont know what to do :shrug_emoji:
Fisayooo (0)
Why am I not able to code on my second page?
Hello. I am trying to add code to the second page of my website however none of it is running and rather than come up as the usual colors when you are...
JohnBarnhart (11)
How To Add DNS Records Within Repl.
I was wondering how I add DNS records within repl. Please help me. I tried using https://docs.replit.com/repls/web-hosting#custom-domains - But it did...
ManuTheCoder (2)
Why don't recently edit repls show up in the "Recent" category
For some reason, my repls don't appear in the Recent Category in the home page, even when I edit it. I only get the recently Added ones instead. Jus...
Pizzaz4me (63)
Why isn't my button working?
Why isn't my button working. I first tried to make it go to another file in another folder, but that didn't work. I then tried to just have a basic li...
AstrumDeorum (37)
Button not functioning
So, I'm working on implementing Upgrades, however, the upgrade I'm working on (which happens to be the first) isn't working, because the button to get...
FranklinStopar (20)
How do I get the calculator to work
So I need help getting the buttons to work using the function I made. I dont understand how to do it.Please help.
AstrumDeorum (37)
Automation Is Hard
Yes, hi, it's me again. I'm trying to figure out how to make the clickers increase your cookie count. But I can't get anything to work. I have some co...
AstrumDeorum (37)
I'm testing out some stuff, and it's not going quite as I hoped. The variable is declared, but it seems to not realize this I think. What's up? ``` Re...
svensk007 (10)
I've been having problems with the rendering of the tab.
Inside of repl.it it looks just fine but when I open it in a new tab the Title text isn't centered anymore. I'm using @CoolCoderSJ's CSS Minimalist th...
AstrumDeorum (37)
Little bit of a strange issue.
So, doing a school project, and I'm not supposed to have *any* errors show up. But I have one: `TypeError: Cannot set property 'volume' of null at...
PhoenixRising (1)
I can't find the problem
I have been working on this project for a while, and I ran into a problem. It ALMOST works properly, and some still-lifes work. But sometimes it doesn...
BooleanBean (2)
Please tell me what is wrong with this code.
Hi! I am in the process of making a chatbot with my friend @Protheek and there is a SyntaxError that is returned when I run it in the Inspect function...
DonoldJTrump (5)
script problems
So I have a bookmarklet, but when I try to translate it into a script in JS, it brakes. When I try to run it it says that there is an unexpected toke...
BudgetCurtains (0)
Resposive error
Hi my website is facing responsive issue in IOS https://budgetcurtains.ae and https://budgetblinds.ae I am looking for someone who can help me to ma...
Not Found
So, I'm trying to make a chat app, and when i try running the repl with the index.html file in a folder, the viewport comes up with a message saying "...
CookieSnowOwl (41)
How to make cloud var
Spread joy. How much joy can we get? How do i make the variable with db thing work cloud_variable help