Mosrod (525)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3351)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Sirocco06 (6)
Can I create a game on Repl.it?
could i create a game on here.
Muffinlavania (1510)
Does anyone know what happened to my turtorial??
Just yesterday i posted a tutorial called "Python 3: Super Easy Calculator" It involved eval() and people were starting to comment on it. I came back...
LittleNomster (113)
Help asap
so i have to turn in an assignment today, but i cant get to my python turtle creations, i get 404 error, any help appreciaated because im on the verge...
IndyRishi (149)
I got an error and I don't know why.
It's a turtle racing game with an error.
IndyRishi (149)
How to fix ParseError on line 109
This is a turtle racing repl with an error. FIX IT plz.
lolcoding (7)
ping pong game
for some reason it says: "bad input on line 92". can someone pls help me? if your comment works i will type their name(s).
zhoudyl000 (3)
HOW CAN i make a hyper link so i CAN OPEN ON INTERNET?
HOW CAN i make MY WORK a hyper link so i CAN OPEN ON INTERNET?
ShivankChhaya (236)
How do you make a circle in python with turtle?
I am trying to draw a circle
DJWang (1344)
How do you send a private message?
Hey guys, I have a question. Is private messaging built in repl.it? If so, how do you do it? Thanks! -DJStudios
epicpumpkin (3)
how do i fill a shape with colour?
it tells me i cannot do it, but i have done so before and cannot remember how to.
pdn2178 (3)
How to add multiple files and run it and put into folders? Always main.py is being executed.Thanks.
I have used IDLE, trying to figure out this online editor for python
AqualRodinia (2)
Random letters
I need to produce a random letter, but I only want it to appear one time instead of appearing here and there. I got the random letter to work, but wil...
why can't my line 3 work????????????????????????
I did what my python book said to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mattchan1 (5)
How do I save this Repl.it with Turtle in it?
Hello, is there a way to save the Repl.it? this is from Python with Turtle, and it seems that I can save it as a repl.it without the turtle, but not w...
nubiancoder2 (2)
How do I change the Background color with Turtle in Python?
I tried using the following lines of code but to no avail.. Someone please help >>> turtle.bgcolor("blue") >>> turtle.backgroundcolor("blue")
Barnesr (2)
Hiding Functions
I want my students to use this repl to play with the functions to draw different images. When I have done this in python or trinket.io I have placed a...
CyberHacker101 (111)
# So im making a game....SNEK REMIX!!! But i ran into some problems like i always do oof :l ###### I was making the game and whenever it passes or to...
Taiga123m (2)
Itss not wroking with python(with turtle) def command
I used the def command to make it repeat drawing but it won't work and I don't get it!
Taiga123m (2)
Python(with turtle) questions.
I cant fill and can somebody give me a example. Also what does import random do? Also the def command and how do you make it repeat?
Alex0204 (4)
Last time I checked, 100 was less than 200.
I am so confused. For anyone who wants to help me, ignore all the code, except lines 133-142. I think repl is buggin. Enter any 12 digit number for...
Leroy01010 (419)
text in turtle(spoiler for Nigerian independence day )
Help my txt isn't where i want it to be i want my second txt to be under the flag.
jordynforjava (1)
What’s wrong with my code?
When I run the code, my console tells me there’s an issue on line 31. I’ve retyped it multiple times, and the results haven’t changed. Am I doing my c...
MercyMuchangi (1)
How can one draw a birthday cake using a function, variables and a loop
How can I change the color of the layers of the cake
Leroy01010 (419)
turtle graphics
it says that there is an error when i have fixed everything i know to fix (i am a beginner in turtle so simplify your answer thank you).
poetaetoes (293)
Code help
Hi, i need help here. I am using lists to make the turtles(circles) moving around with one varible. Use lists.
poetaetoes (293)
Input output
Hi, i want to make a question for turtle python. I want it to say "Hi, would you like to watch a race?(y/n) if they said y, the output does what i c...
Muffinlavania (1510)
Why do i have so many cycles..
I know this question has probably been asked so many times... But for real i haven't posted ANYTHING in the last month(except for [this](https://repl....
saadbinbin (1)
how do get the "result" option in turtle
i am in python with turtle and still i'm not getting the "result: option . how do i get it ?
Icekit (63)
Can you help me!!!
Plz help I really need it and I am so tierd but I not allowed to go to bed yet help!!