Mosrod (527)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3347)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
How to get white in python with turtle?
I am using python with turtle to make a simple program which asks questions and makes a (very simple and square) face from their answers. However I ca...
JohnAdeyinka (0)
How to change color
Ok so I'm currently trying to make minecraft on replit but I don't know how to change the color of the pen. Does anyone know how?
JavaTime (1)
Why does this list turn into a bool?
On line 128, why does is it sometimes a list and sometimes a bool? You will get an error when it is a bool.
Parchin (4)
What's wrong?
Sorry. I made one repl (doesn't working one) and this one. It was working, but now not. I don't know what is wrong. Turtle window aren't opened. Could...
JavaTime (1)
Problem Solvers Needed; Are You Up For A Challenge? Experts Needed
I am programming an AI. I don't know if the right term would actually be AI but it is the first time I am ever programming something like this. Those...
CyberHacker101 (111)
# So im making a game....SNEK REMIX!!! But i ran into some problems like i always do oof :l ###### I was making the game and whenever it passes or to...
Wilke000 (624)
Problem on line 9
I've had this problem before, I don't know why it happens. I think it is a bug
mia118 (0)
hi ive been having some problems with making these shapes repeat . they just need to either be in colums or generate randomly and i want to ask the us...
cbora (0)
how could i make eyes
im quite new and want to know if anyone can help em with making a person
Dukdukduk (6)
So, I'm wondering how to make a loop
So, how do I make a loop in turtle? It was easy to coop with at first, but now it's just annoying to type the same thing over and over again.
MaximusCartwrig (0)
Does anyone know the max and min x and y coordinates?
I'm trying to know the max and min for both x and y, if anyone can tell me, that would be appreciated
hanbot (5)
hello everyone! i really want more followers and i just want YOU to follow plz follow. heres somthing that might do it.
jqitcsb (1)
Why is my code not working?
Can soemone run itand see hwats wrong?
jqitcsb (1)
How do I make another file?
I want to make another file, but there is only "main.py". How do i do it?
jqitcsb (1)
Why are some on my loops not working?
The ones after the main game loop. Idk why they are not working. Can someone help???
jqitcsb (1)
Can someone help me make this?
So, when i run it, the mobs go CRAYZY and insta kills the player. How do i make it so there is a delay between attacks?
jqitcsb (1)
Why is my boundary not working?
This program isn't finished, but when i run it, the screen boundary i put in the main game loop is not working. Can someone help?
JosephHypes (0)
who has a youtube kinda like website.?
IndyRishi (150)
I got an error and I don't know why.
It's a turtle racing game with an error.
Taiga123m (2)
Itss not wroking with python(with turtle) def command
I used the def command to make it repeat drawing but it won't work and I don't get it!
Taiga123m (2)
Python(with turtle) questions.
I cant fill and can somebody give me a example. Also what does import random do? Also the def command and how do you make it repeat?
Mallu0403 (0)
I want change console to result in python with turtle, but I am not getting that option for change on the page
Taiga123m (2)
python(with turtle questions)
What does import random do, also how do you make something repeat in python??
IndyRishi (150)
How to fix ParseError on line 109
This is a turtle racing repl with an error. FIX IT plz.
Alex0204 (4)
Last time I checked, 100 was less than 200.
I am so confused. For anyone who wants to help me, ignore all the code, except lines 133-142. I think repl is buggin. Enter any 12 digit number for...
lmutcssh (3)
Is this average noob or pro?
I posted my project here. Is it average noob or pro? I need to know what type I am. Please tell the truth.
PaulWallich (0)
Console input broken after turtle drawing
I've got students who are trying to do simple turtle graphics programs and came across what seems to be a weird bug. After the repl has opened a turtl...
TTyrtle (0)
Why isn't my code working?
I am making my own snake game and for some reason when I type this: import turtle import time import random delay=0.1 score=0 highscore=0 wn = tur...
WilliamPESCHELO (0)
need help
so i am making some Halloween python turtle designs and i have a really cool idea a grave yard with pumpkins dark sky full moon and skeletons and a wi...
YessicaBenavide (0)
How to you fix a attribute error?
I keep on getting an attribute error for line 26 and I don't know how to fix it.