Mosrod (528)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3351)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
SaunakNandi (1)
Boolean Parenthesization problem using memoisation
Problem statement- ( https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/boolean-parenthesization-problem-dp-37/ ) I am unable to solve the problem using Map in java can An...
HimanshuShekha4 (50)
VenomousSteam81 (2)
Hey, can anyone help me make a racing game with multiplayer, chat, accounts, and more in Java?
Anyone with Java experience can help! Thank you!
zimtech0 (6)
Jar files
Is it possible to include jar files in project classpath directory? Have a class project I would like to import along with classes contained in jar...
LingWu1 (88)
How do I get the other half of the heart?
nikhilsir786 (6)
how to transfer code to github
i m suffering for code transfer to github how to give extension or how to manage
pibinary (1)
how do I make programs like these interactive?
# hello! I'm fairly new at this and was wondering, how do I make programs like this interactive? also, is there a way to cut down on a code (like with...
SixBeeps (5067)
Setting node.parent.left or node.parent.right doesn't remove the node from the tree
Hey all, I'm working on an assignment that's due tomorrow, but I've been stuck on this one bug in particular. I have a BST `Node` class which holds r...
NicoleBurgess (4)
how do i embed the program into a website?
Every time I try to open the embeded program in my website, the program won't load, it worked the first time i tried but since that happened it wont l...
MorganBrown4 (4)
How do I convert a repl.it to a pdf?
is there a way to convert repl.it to a pdf?
zzhaarer (5)
How to Submit an Assignment
I want to have my students submit an assignment. Logged in as a Student, I do not see the Submit Button referenced in posts and in videos. Has that...
klausef (1)
Favor, Can anyone finish this? I really dont have knowledge from this i just need it run right.
Make it right pls badly need to run https://repl.it/@klausef/Pls-Edit-or-fix#Stock.java https://repl.it/@klausef/Pls-Edit-or-fix#StudentInfo
studentAlfredAl (443)
Help With Code
Hey guys, so in the project I'm working on, I'm having trouble with lines 588-606; They aren't running properly... @jakman You are the best Java coder...
SreyasSabbani (57)
Any Ideas?
### Questions and Comments for you to answer: Hey Guys, I am a beginner to Java and I think I've already had a full week of experience with it. Is the...
mathb0y2019 (3)
How do you run a (Java) *.jar file in repl.it?
How do you run a (Java) *.jar file in repl.it?
EpicGamer007 (1643)
How to store new files in a database?
Hello repl. Below as you can see is MyCMD. I am planning on adding a LOGIN and FILE STORAGE system to MyCMD. But I want to be able to store that info...
sprintokflash (2)
I keep compiler exit status 1
Just begging with Java, experimenting with user input via keyboard, but the code isn't getting past compiling, any idea why? ![idk](https://storage.go...
studentAlfredAl (443)
Please help me debug
I'm not very familiar with the replaceAll and .length functions in Java. If it is possible, please help me as soon as possible. Thank you!
SkyeCarroll (3)
Anyone know how to force a player to wear a skin in mine craft in 1 world using Java/ Java Script.
I am working on a project I have due by next Sunday.Most of my searches were a utter failure,and others only mentioned installing plugins and mods....
NicholasSutin (1)
Does anyone know the code for hole 196 in javascript? hehe
I need the code in javascript for hole 196 and how to use it, anyone know it?
tjryan330 (3)
How do I save this code as a .java file
I need to know how to save this and share
GregBeutler (2)
what method do I use to get a single char to complete the statement.
Is there one?, in C it was _getchar, if I recall. I just want to type in 'w' or similar and get the code to process that statement and do the next t...
Emanuel64 (9)
yep its me again...
so i thought ive seem to do it right, but i simply cannot point out the issue.. anything id appreciate
golazo08 (4)
Creating and running a public class
Why does my public class SecondClass not run? Do I always have to use public Main? What if I want to create and run a public class?
apithanos (3)
Java Import Errors / External Libraries (Jsoup) Stuff
So I tried to import a Jsoup project I wrote into repl but I'm not sure how external libraries and repl work. I found the jsoup class folder from http...
jgrif17 (2)
Learning, need help
I am trying to figure out how to line the values under the header Pounds. I found really interesting code online for creating proper tables, but I jus...
skrgusrnt (1)
Hi, I don't know, why my Relp.it doesn't make autocomplete....
only in python.... why??? please give me advise
studentSakethSa (1)
flower garden
Create a class that stores an ArrayList of Strings. The Strings store 2 bits of information about flowers. The Strings store a count and a name....
SaunakNandi (1)
Java HashMap
Hey I am finding difficulty in detecting the error for this . Can anyone plz tell me how to fix the error . I just want to print the key in alphabetic...
DanialArjomandi (2)
This code won't run for some reason and I don't know why. Please help. (I'm new to Java, learned python a while ago)