Mosrod (526)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3344)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
TeraXploits (2)
How do i send a request?
I want to send via python a message: ![imagen](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1583014563482_474ee71d19fcd5630d62ba731b0c15c7.png) but...
How would I put the run part in .replit file for .go
Im new to .go And i want to test some stuff out with this discord bot github code found here https://github.com/jonas747/yagpdb I am not the creator...
EthanLauritzen (0)
How can i make my repl online
How can i make my project run?
EthanLauritzen (0)
How can I make my repl online
Can some tell me how I can make my reply make a discord bot go online in my discord server?
BlitzNewtron (4)
[Golang] No output?
I cant get my output... what am i supposed to do?
HerrMohnke (0)
I like to use subfolder. Is it possible?
I try to import form subdir. What is to do? You can see the func T1 in the te.go-file.
ArchieMaclean (914)
Golang Type Conversion
I have a function, `Request` that takes a URL, header, e.t.c. and fetches from that URL, then converts that JSON to an `interface{}` (i.e. dynamic str...
Zenith5720 (0)
Enlighten me as to why this Selection Sorting Algorithm isn't working.
I've created this Sorting Algorithm (selection sort) in Golang to get a bit of practice, but the program seems to return my input without actually sor...
OriolBatalla (0)
GO cant import "encoding/hex"
Hey, do you know why we can import "encoding/hex" in repl.it?
DarioFilipovic (0)
Referencing files
Hi, can I share a link to a file inside of my repl and how? Only option that i see is sharing whole repl
VijayShukla (0)
Question of ratelimit
I want to print fire 3-time per sec and after printing 10 fire program should burst. I tried but it working for first time and then printed 4 times fi...