amasad (3447)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (548)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
DiegoMondragon (16)
how to download the code
i want to download this code to send it via email, without been it a zip file
SravanKumar000 (2)
How to embed ide into my website?
I want to use repl IDE into my website. How can I do that?
shaikshafiya (15)
how to save my c programs on repl.it
I have typed a c program how to save that program on repl.it
MocaCDeveloper (651)
Making a compiled programming language
Hi. So I am currently starting a _new_ programming language called _Bite_ and this language is aimed to further advanced features to work with memory...
dnielletorres (9)
How to fix segmentation fault
This is my first attempt at C and I am having trouble with this specific error and I don't know where to fix it.
YixunMeng (8)
how to debug? I'm writing in C
I'm trying to write a linked list in C. Write now after compiling, there is a segmentation fault and I can't figure out where it is wrong
OmPrakash6 (5)
Find a Solution
A random ASCII character is received every 100ms. We need to find a sequence of "GLROX" characters. There can be other characters in between! Once fou...
CodeLongAndPros (1624)
How repl makes default names
I've made many a repl, only to lose it in my 65 unnamed repls. (I'm looking at you, PreviouslyDeadlyBooleanAlgebra) So my question is: # > How does...
iairsalem (4)
how to use cs50.h library or any custom .h header file
I need to use the Shell so I guess I have to compile the .c files myself. here, it's only one .c file, but I have to use cs50.h library (available on...
mommy12345 (0)
What is calloc?
What is calloc? i see in c document all the time but don't know what it does
realTronsi (926)
Seg fault :(
On line 50 in `server.c` I have ```c fd_set readfds; ``` which is causing a segmentation fault. fd_set macro is imported from `<sys/time.h>`. -- `...
ashokb (5)
How to add current working directory to the PATH environment variable
I am compiling multiple executables. And I want to be able to execute it when I am in the current working directory. How to add the CWD to the envir...
PeachyBlossom (3)
This might sound dumb but I genuinely don't know where to input numbers in codes. such as int main () { /* variable definition: */ int count; do...
Arvind777 (0)
"Objects in javascript" I'm confusing can anyone solve this and explain?
Write a function that takes in a parameter `student` which is a JavaScript object. It should print the `properties` of the object. For example if we...
Dazegambler (1)
I need some help making this temperature converter work
while i got the temperature part working i've been having problems making it read a char
MocaCDeveloper (651)
Need ideas
Hi all! I am in search of ideas for my language "Bite"!. ## My ideas Built-in assembly references. Example: Lets say a user wants to set aside x am...
hismritik (2)
WHat is the problem here?
the code doesn't run. Just exceeds time limit. I have done some trial on various websites as well as c compiler installed in my computer.
GIACOMO2020 (0)
How can I make a printf with a variable in it? (C language)
I'm searching for a way to understand this, but I can't find enough quickly a tutorial about it and I'm lazy. Help.
arobbins (2)
Memory Misallocation in C
Hi, I have been working on a project that takes an input text file (from the command line) and reads it into several different functions to produce...
aadiJain1 (0)
Please can you help me
I create a function in C programming language for removing the start and last curly braces form json and store that data in variable but i am getting...
s1f2z3 (0)
why the code somethimes broke
same code but sometimes just don't want to do the loop plz if anyone know why tell me
Shubhancode (0)
ignore it
program is working properly now , thanks.
MocaCDeveloper (651)
Version of assembly
Hi! What version of assembly does the gcc compiler compile? I have a .s file and for some reason when I try to push the ebp(stack pointer), then move...
ishubhamrathi (0)
Hey I need help in c ?
I am new to c and i just learn upto arrays,i need someone who can join in my team and help me to create logic in programming to make something upto i...
julia320 (0)
commits show up under repl.it user
Hi all, I am an owner of an organization used for a programming class, and I've noticed that on the test repo I did and apparently on most other peo...
Pseudo4ngel (1)
I dunno what to do in this case....; #include <stdio.h> int i = 0; while(i < 50) { printf("Hello, world\n"); i++; return 0; } Cuz, in the "while...
simplifyreborn (1)
Sentinel Values and Pairs
I understand the process for the most part when a single value is being inputted however once it gets into the realm of pairs such as this, I don't un...
rishirepl (0)
why \r doesn't work in repl. Output should be 10 8 8 10
#include<stdio.h> int main() { int a=10; printf("%d\t%d\t%d\t%d",++a,a++,--a,a--); return 0; }
Jodastt (1)
How can I install/use a C library that isn't already installed?
I'm trying to use C to build a simple REPL (not repl.it repl, but repl in the literal sense of the word). I'm following a tutorial that says to use #...
phobe01 (2)
code error
int main () { /variable defination*/ float Price, SalesTax; printf("Enter the price in dollars: 100 \n"); scanf("%f", &Price); printf("Enter th...