amasad (3453)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (548)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Bunnytoes (158)
Bash servers
I might start making my c# project on the bas servers, but I need the .replit file to work, it seems like what I have will work but it doesn't please...
xxpertHacker (930)
Vector splitting and reassigning causes seg fault when using 8-byte vectors
I add everything in an array of 256 bytes by adding the second half into the first half. The algorithm is the following pseudo-code: ``` sum(u8 vecto...
xxpertHacker (930)
Team to develop a language learning web site
I'm thinking about creating one of those websites that you use to learn a coding (programming/scripting/markup) language, think [FCC](https://www.free...
DavidSmith16 (1)
Plotting in Julia
I want to do plotting in Julia. However, it seems that, no matter the plotting package ("Plots", "StatsPlots", "Makie") REPL "abends" when executing...
AmazingMech2418 (1088)
How Do You Run Assembly in Repl.it
I'm trying to learn Assembly, but don't know how to run it in Repl.it. I tried `as` and `gcc` already, trying examples for x86 and x64 Assembly (I nor...
iocoder (162)
Help (if you want to) plz [Update: Lexer - working!]
OK, so to start, a *while* ago I asked anyone if they would help with my ~~new~~ programming language - and ppl did. But the outcome was pretty much j...
realTronsi (926)
Jittered canvas dragging and scaling biased to origin
1) I have a `cameraZ` variable as the scaling of the canvas: ```js ctx.translate(-cameraX + canvas.width / 2, -cameraY + canvas.height / 2); ctx.scal...
Korbindev (134)
How do i add my domain
it says configue=red correctly i lcick link domain but it says linking then goes back to link domain
RmyDahGod (19)
configure run command in javascript
hi. I cloned a code from github, but i don’t know how to configure the run command for javascript in bash. Thank you for helping, appreciate it.
AmazingMech2418 (1088)
NASM Print Floating Point
So, does anyone know how to print a floating point number in NASM? I'm trying to create a pi approximator for my "pi in nearly every language" series...
aronsonteach (4)
Compiling and testing with JUnit 5
I cannot get a JUnit 5 test case to compile and run in my repl.it. I was wondering if anybody knew how to fix it. Thanks!
ceilingrat (3)
Server (Open Port) Not Recognized? Jekyll port 4000
In my Repl, I'm running a Jekyll server on local port 4000 In the past, Repl.it just "auto-magically" recognizes open ports and makes them available...
xxpertHacker (930)
C++ reading a file without memory copy
Does anyone know how I could read a file into a `std::string_view`, ideally without using C code? StackOverflow seemed to have nothing on it.
ragnork (3)
restart on error
My repl is a discord bot the fetches from an api, and i would prefer not to have to restart it every time someone makes a spelling mistake, so is ther...
Crosis (281)
NodeJS HTTP Server Not Responding
Hello, today while making my discord bot, I wanted to make my own screenshot API. So, I searched up ways to do so, and found `puppeteer`. But, it is n...
harshrealitees (3)
Install packages in online editor
I am playing around replit for bash scripting. I would like to know if I can install packages and create an environment to execute code. I guess I can...
MrPauls (3)
What is the .replit run command to have repl preview the index.html file (imported from GitHub)?
I am relatively new at this. Experimenting with importing my lesson from my GitHub repository. I have imported my GitHub repo, which contains an ind...
Zavexeon (1163)
Lilac2 Bot Suggestions
Hey there, I'm making a new Discord bot called Lilac2. Lilac2 is a highly modular bot that is the sequel to my first Lilac bot. In Lilac2 you can ad...
HarveyRandall (10)
Custom support for languages
Is there a way to make your own syntax highlighting and doing your own autofill, I have made my own language, and I can't find how to colour the code....
Irenebarquilla (3)
I can't use bc
I need to use de command "bc" and I can't. What can I do?
TheForArkLD (770)
Read Description
I am not free **now**, but i am free from (JST) Tommorow’s PM 5:00. Who wants do Stekovaya with me? ( i can’t send invite, who can fork this repl and...
NoahJospeh (29)
Github Repo Help
Hi, recently I decided that I wanted to try and fork a Github repo, and at first, I couldn't figure out how to configure the run button, but then I fi...
jha929 (1)
How to change default language for custom REPL?
This screenshot below shows that my project's default language is bash but I want to make it python. Is there a way to do that? ![Screen Shot 2020-10...
darkdarcool (132)
Reactjs replit auth
# Hi! I was trying out react.js, and wanted to start with a simple `Hello {username}` with a replit auth. But I couldn't figure out how! Can someon...
VMTU (45)
xcb_connection_has_error() returned true, pygame
OK so I tried to run a pygame file from a python script, and it returns xcb_connection_has_error() has returned true. The whole screen is black. I do...
DrawWithPython (7)
Matplotlib output window looks different when running a Python repl with a .replit file
Hello, I have created a clone repl from a Github repo that was create from another repl (this is a sort of deployment process). The original repl wa...
xxpertHacker (930)
Opening Chromium Browser and Creating a Server, Simultaneously
I have a Bash REPL that creates two processes (*jobs*), one of which is opening nodeJS and creating an HTTP server, the other is opening a Chromium ta...
zachdyer (2)
Is there a way to install Jekyll for Github Pages?
I would like to run Jekyll to preview my Github Pages website. Is there a way I can install Jekyll and preview it using `jekyll serve`?
willstellar (11)
# Hi Peeps I'm new to repl.it and still trying stuff out. I would really appreciate it if any of you give me feedback on my WillCensor project. GoTo:...
Bunnytoes (158)
Mind Reader
I am trying to make a 'mind reader' in c#, but I want to have one 'senerario' where it always works out and always does different stuff, how can I do...