GatewayDuckYT (48)
Join My Team
### People BANNED FOREVER FROM THIS PROJECT @Crosis # also we are talking project ideas if you have an idea please comment it We also Love the idea...
PatriciaSamora (28)
How do I increase the font size in the console?
I was able to change the font size in the code editor (awesome!) using settings. How do I change the font size in the console where the result displa...
ChezCoder (1588)
Machine Learning
Im making a neural network that would guess the price of an item. The input is the text converted into a number and the output would be the price that...
Wilke000 (624)
Does Anyone Know How To Fix This?
@BLoBBERT and I are trying to make a *game* with if/else statements. Please help!
HackerSK (9)
programming jam
Heeeeeeello! I am posting this because I have a question about the programming jam that is happening this month. I want to make a language too, but I...
StevenDavis2 (36)
Would anyone like an animated sprite for a project or something else?
Would anyone like enemies/items/etc. for a game they are making animated? Come here! Depending on the request, I can make a sprite for whatever projec...
TimothyAnderso1 (127)
What Are Cycles?
Recently I earned 5 of them, but don't know what they are any idea?
IsaacMoisao (1)
Can I use the “sticky” position in CSS?
I’m creating an experimental webpage and wanted to apply the sticky position to a navigation bar. I tried to use a *position: sticky;* and *position:...
Csilarion (14)
What does Package operation failed mean?
When ever I run my program I get this error message: Package operation failed. Why am I getting it and what does it mean?
Parchin (4)
Why it doesn't work? (Polish)
When you click LCTR you can save your color, but it doesn't work. I don't know why it doesn't work. If you need to know full program write in comment...
Solarbot9 (4)
can someone code cookie clicker with me
cookie clicker is blocked for me and I want to play it
DavidRickey (1)
Whose bright idea was it to stop clearing the console for each run?
Sersiously. First I have to go to some intermediary screen to start a new repl. Now (at least for js), the console doesn't even clear on its own? Do...
VincentJames (17)
How do I insert a video?
I need to insert a video this one, how do I do that?
StringentDev (206)
Keeping repl permanently alive.
So I have been making a repl that allows you to store items online but every time, after a certain amount of time, it shuts down the express server (n...
Axrevyn (291)
I feel like I need a team. I have no ideas of things to code, and the projects I do start on I abandon because of burnout - because they're too big f...
TheC0derGirl (220)
What happens after your free hacker plan expires?
Hi guys, I just obtained the free hacker plan, and I was wondering what happens when it expires. Do you have it until a certain expiry date, and then...
tussiez (1525)
How do I redeem the free Hacker Plan from referrals? [Fixed!!]
I believe @Baconman321 got Hacker Plan and referred me (yay!) but I can't seem to redeem the referral rewards. How exactly do I do this? ![image](htt...
Pygame error please help me fix it
**Environment:** - **Operating system:** Linux - **Python version:** 3.8.8 - **SDL version:** 2.0.14 - **PyGame version:** 2.0.1 **Current...
andreebr (31)
change node version
Can I change the node version of a repl?
SilentShadowBla (551)
NEED Inspiration for Code
Can anyone give me any program/game/tool/quiz ideas? THX
AmazingMech2418 (1039)
Could Allow Root User Access Just on Apt?
Would it be possible for to allow `sudo` just on the `apt`/`apt-get` commands?
CollinKunsman (108)
Which is better: Terraria vs. Minecraft??
Which one's better? Please type in the comments below and try to convince me about which one's better. I'm having such a difficult time deciding. Plea...
AshkiKudzma (33)
Why I can't run my second file
I want to run my second python file but it always run whatever i have in but not in second file i made.
Inside a Nodejs project, Repl doesn't recognize the "require" keyword.
Hi guys, if I create a `.ts` file inside a *Nodejs Project*, *Repl* doesn't recognize the `require` keyword. There is a solution? I know the *TypeScr...
UnluckyFroggy (920)
I have a textarea in my chat, I can multiline in it but when I send it, it's only one line.
I have a textarea in my chat, I can multiline in it but when I send it, it's only one line. I want it to stay multilined after I send. It's **socket...
SirEpicly (3)
Too Many Redirects
Hi, My HTML repl has been serving fine from my custom domain until a few days ago, when It started giving me the Too Many Redirects error. This does n...
RYANTADIPARTHI (6008) Pinned Symbol
hi, i just want the pinned symbol. You know the pinned posts at the top? The symbol beside them looks like a pin. So if someone could give me...
InvisibleOne (2675)
I need Idea's
I'm planning on building a website that is sort of like a scavenger hunt. I want to have hidden buttons and stuff, with certain 'things' you need to f...
MilesMiller (18)
how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
![170px-Lois_Griffin]( just wondering. cuz you guiys a...
brokentoken (51)
What are cycles
Ok this may be a newbie question but its not beacuse if it was I would be a noob. Anyways # what are cycles?