Coder100 (17123)
Interpret String Literal
# JavaScript Hello, I have a question. Suppose I have a string like this: ```js "hello\\nworld" ``` Now, when printed, you see: ```yaml hello\nworld `...
InvisibleOne (2681)
I need Idea's
I'm planning on building a website that is sort of like a scavenger hunt. I want to have hidden buttons and stuff, with certain 'things' you need to f...
Adding fonts in html
How do I add font to my text in html coding
Zavexeon (1158)
Looking for Teammates for Jam
Hiya, I've just decided I'd like to participate in the Jam but I don't really have any teammates. I'm wondering if it anyone would like to be my tea...
jimxin2595 (19)
ZombieHordeFight V.2
A little game I made a while back. Could anyone help me improve it more?
DiveshTheReal (103)
How to i do i make my project run 24/7 can you plz help me how to make it 24/7 plz
How to i do i make my project run 24/7 can you plz help me how to make it 24/7 plz it will be help full
TejasvMaheshwar (7)
How to restart a python program ?
How to restart a python program also if there is any way i can ask the user to type in the correct inputs
frissyn (361)
What are all the Roles?
What are all the Roles that you can have? Is there a complete list or something? I've been seeing tags like content creator and detective, an...
bigchungusmc (79)
Would anyone like to do a python story game with me?
I have made a few story games before. but most of the time i end up abandoning the project because I would like to pursue other idea and mostly becaus...
JoeyRueff (28)
Tabs or Spaces?
This is arguably one of the most controversial questions, but I need answers. Tabs or Spaces?
bigchungusmc (79)
What are cycles?
So basically I keep on seeing people talk about cycles. Can i get an answer please.
jimmybitcoin (6)
Wanting to implement this in C++
Hey folks, I'd like to get better at C++ and would like to collaborate with someone to write something like what I wrote in Python in C++. The big pr...
PixelNinja (311) statistics
Would it not be cool if we could see stats for repls and overall for our profile? For example, see total lines in a repl and in all your code. Total t...
HahaYes (1862)
What Repl needs to add
Delete Notifications so it isn't so cluttered
Andreipython43 (5)
how to share my repl
how to share my repl to people
AncientBison (67)
Why do Beginner Coders code python and not JS?
Does anybody know?????????? This post must be 50 charecters :)
abbasfarrukh (5)
Hi all if i put the < img=alt "text"> is that correct way ?but when i run code showing error any help please?
CodingCactus (4192)
How to see if the user is pressing a key? (PYTHON)
I have this ascii pong program, and I have all the interactions done, I just have the paddle movement to do now. The problem is, the library that I a...
learningglass (5)
what is my site link?
I don't understand what is the link to my site. Can someone tell me?
angelobreuer (5)
Instagram Phishing repl
Hello,, I've found a repl that tries to phish Instagram account information: https://instagram.bella...
iceman2413 (8)
Need a mentor!!!
Hello everyone, I have been trying to learn code for a long time, but I never had the time, due lookout, I have started to code and I am enjoying it t...
Hello, I found that I really like coding encryption and decryption with python. I have made an Affine Cipher encrypt/decrypt. If you do not know what...
rcwhiteley (7)
How do you delete multiple files?
I have to delete each file individually, by clicking on the three dots, then pressing delete. Every time I do a new tutorial, I create a new file, bu...
How to import questions
Hello, on this repl I have 6 True/False Questions. I do not know how to create another document so that can pull random questions from that do...
DavidShen2 (60)
Still... Strange things are happening with my program.
Hi all, When you run my program and look through the css files, you might notice that the css styling does not match up with the actual result. Addi...
askelax (5)
how to save a repl
i dont know how to save a repl
Will add electron.js has other nodejs "frameworks" such as express, and I want to build an app in electronjs, which repl consider adding this in the near future?
SixBeeps (5067)
What is a variable?
Hello, I am working on some of my Computer Science homework, and we're on the Variables unit. But, I am having a hard time understanding what a "varia...
Marlone (5)
How to add Background Image
How to i add a background image for my website. For sometime now i've begun a new project but i have recently had difficulty in adding a background im...
NZHacker808 (106)
How do you insert a photo in HTML, CSS, JS
I need to insert a photo in HTML, what do I code to insert a photo?