SuhasVasishta (2)
I've imported Basic but how do i use it?
In my project, I need to import Basic and I've done that. Now how do I use it?
amaddentcsec (235)
How to change screen background in java
Title says it all, please help!!!!
BasSpitters (2)
Adding the Coq language
I'm using the Coq language for teaching in github classroom. seems like a good service to my students. Where do I request Coq to be supported?...
Bitkoshy (18)
Is there an app for
Hi everyone! Is there a app for That actually can be a very useful thing. So you can use on your phone or tablet. Programming on the...
K2chowdhuryM (0)
Can someone tell me whats wrong with the return statement.
Drallas (0)
How to run a repo cloned from GitHub
I cloned a repo from Github but it won't run. What am i doing wrong? The documentation regarding the .replit file is not helpful at all. Deleting ....
HussainO (1)
Time complexity problem
Guys,I'm beginner, i solve the hackerRank problem but it given output as wrong Here is Output: ![Screenshot_2020-09-06 Array Manipulation HackerRank...
coolchip (0)
Can someone tell me how to print the len function in Python? I have to do it for my school project.
Basically this thing len ('red') How do you print it?
Daniel3210 (19)
How to update your
# Question *__A few days ago, I was thinking of logging in on another device with my account. But when I went in, it was a whole updated versi...
CodingWarrior (0)
How do I make it so that it does not make more than 1 buton
unction Main (){ cookies+= 1 score.innerHTML = cookies if (cookies > 10) { buttons.innerHTML += "<button> This is a button </button> }
Hillo232 (12)
what is wrong with my if statement
import random #butPoop=random.randint() #Pokemon= "" trainer_elisa_pokemons=["Dogter","Lidral"] player_gold=100 player_pokemon=[" "," "," "," "," ",...
Hillo232 (12)
I need help
Run the code and tell me what's wrong, please. :(
MatthewX (153)
Storing data with js
Hi, how do use put things into a json file then access the thing u put in the json file?
ThomasParker2 (1)
What is wrong with this code?
For some reason, it keeps telling me that I have invalid syntax. Why? ![Screenshot 2020-09-05 at 14.47.17](
SolomonKnutzen1 (5)
How to switch a string function into the predetermined integer amount
I'm going to try and explain this as best i can. I need the string form the starting_element_one input to then switch to the number amount of that fun...
Name12 (159)
a problume neded to be fix
hello, it's me again. right now I am working on my newest and probably the most complex game I ever made, and I ran into a problem. when you played th...
DeanArvin (2)
React keeps refreshing the page after I click button?
Hello! In this Repl I've got two radio buttons for someone to select their gender (in /src/Checkbox). After submit I've got a string that gets creat...
CaydenOkeeffe (1)
My number sequence?
I know its not done, I just want to tackle one problem at a time... All of the buttons on my Python Tkinter calculator output their number, just in a...
anonymous360c (20)
What is the CSS file for?
What is the CSS file for? I mean, you can just operate it all in the HTML file without using the CSS file. For an example, look below this text. ```ht...
anonymous360c (20)
How does CSS work?
How does CSS work? ![下载]( So I've been testing things...
toffiffee3000 (0)
how can i give my friends my repl so that they are owner?
how can i give my friends my repl so that they are owner?
zachariapopcorn (1)
Data not saving
When I try to save data and get data to and from the local database file it sometimes won't save data, why is this?
Leroy01010 (413)
fLASK (again)
i've looked for why this isn't working i've tried to download flask but it never worked
starrymxtcha (1)
hii im starting year 9 gcse classes in computer science OCR and does anyone have any advice?
ZarataDarkined (1)
Lot of Qustion Inside
Where is the data that I need for my project stored When I do the data base feature And what about using the Json file as a database? Is the file size...
Leroy01010 (413)
Yeaaahhh hii.... i do have another problem it's showing me nothing!!!
Viper2211 (86)
Raku Grammar
I was messing around with the Raku grammar syntax thing, and after writing a simple little grammar for it to parse, it stopped working. Could anyone e...
HussainO (1)
Help me to understand
Guys,I doesn't Understand the Hackerrank problem,Please explain what is the problem,im a beginner please explain in simple and understand manner ![S...
ZarataDarkined (1)
Does the paid version (Hacker) contain the hosting ?
Does the paid version (Hacker) contain the hosting ? Does the hosting work 24/7 ? Or this feature has not been launched yet And when will it be laun...
ZarataDarkined (1)
Why isn't my Json File saved? After i edit it
Why isn't my Json File saved? After i edit it i am using Json File as DataBase and use "fs" Library to edit it , with Save(data,filename) but noth...